The PHCA “Replaces” Jason Craig and Thousands of Dollars in Property Instantly Vanish

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Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

The Perrysburg Heights Community Association (PHCA) has relieved Jason Craig of his duties.. This is amazing news for the neighborhood’s beloved community center.

The PHCA Board is currently trying to understand the scope of numerous alleged bookkeeping errors, with tens of thousands of dollars missing/stolen through cash and or property.

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Giving Thanks on Mud Hens’ Opening Day

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Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


With the opening of Hensville,– downtown Toledo grows a little better and bigger today.

Moving the Mud Hens from Maumee to it’s current location was the smartest move our political leaders could have ever made. Fifth Third stadium is the crown jewel of the Glass City. It brings thousands of people (and their money) to the heart of our city, over 70 times a season. The Mud Hens staff always delivers a fun time, clean atmosphere and a reason to come back.

However, let’s make sure the new Hensville expansion doesn’t not hurt some other original investors of the Toledo’s rebirth, our Warehouse District.

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Coming Soon: Truth, Lies & Screenshots: The Unbelieveable (sic) Behind-the-Scenes Story of the WLS Drama

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From Left to Right in green shirts: Cindy Perry & Karen Gilliam

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

As you may or may not be aware; I am currently working on a written series to shed light on the public and behind-the-scenes harassment I have been battling.

Yesterday, former OAPSE President and Political candidate, Cindy Perry, tried to have me prosecuted for writing about her during the November campaign. Her complaint was filed with the police over 6 months ago, and only now was she seeking formal charges.

As you may recall, Ms. Perry sent me an entertaining cease & desist letter during the election season- demanding I stop writing about her. When I failed to adhere* to her demands, she wasted tax-payer dollars and filed a police report. Ms. Perry’s letter, her police report and actions yesterday, further prove her lack of mental aptitude** and qualifications for a Board of Elections seat.


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Changing My Climate: From Baseball to Bernie

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(Blurry Photo courtesy of Brady Baumhower’s Snapchat account.  Taken inside Toledo’s Seagate Center)

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Here’s what I am thankful for this morning after the Ohio Primary:
— 35% of registered Lucas County voters went to the polls– in 2012 it was 22%
–Voting seemed to go incredibly smooth with few reports of incidents
–Local TV newscasts will no longer be interrupted by prerecorded political debates via candidate commercials.
–Facebook will be less divisive today, then it has been over the last week. We can now fill newsfeeds with more important things– March Madness brackets, St. Patrick’s Day selfies and OSU/Michigan rhetoric (eight months in advance of the big game).
–That all four of my children expressed political interest, had opinions about the various candidates, and thought outside of their own worlds.

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Love One Another Day: A Parent’s Guide to Bullying


Written By: Jeremy Baumhower


After a terrible incident during a 7th grade basketball game, ‘Love One Another Day’ was born.
Our local Extreme Couponer, Joni Meyer, wanted to turn her son’s heartbreaking incident into something beautiful.
Her family and Sylvania Schools have launched today to raise awareness about the pain caused by bullying and to inspire kids to simple love.
Students across NW Ohio and SE Michigan are asked to wear red today.
It’s grandiose in nature, but the world doesn’t change on small ideas.

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Lucas County Democratic 2016 Presidential Primary Poll

Please only vote if you are a Lucas County resident.

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Lucas County Republican 2016 Presidential Primary Poll

Please only vote if you are a Lucas County resident.

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When Silence Screams the Loudest: A Lesson for McCord Junior High

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Written by:  Jeremy Baumhower
The top story on the local news last night, was about an incident that occurred at McCord Junior High School.
It happened on February 17th, during my daughter’s basketball game. I was sitting right there, next to the student section– little did I know what was about to take place.
A school-sponsored athletic event that was used as a vehicle to benefit Austin’s Book Club. It was a beautiful turnout of enthusiastic children wearing tie-dye and bringing books for Toledo Hospital’s Nicu Unit.  It was McCord’s opportunity to give support and show love for one of their own.
The moment was ruined.

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