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Grayczyk: Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

Written by: Shari Grayczyk Since my father passed some years ago, Father’s Day has become both bitter and sweet. My dad and I were not close. I won’t even pretend that we were. We weren’t necessarily distant, just not connected.

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Grayczyk: A True Friend

Written by: Shari Grayczyk Koda. Well, what can I say about him? To give him credit for the true friend that he was and always will be? To let him know that I didn’t abandon him, but that I gave

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Grayczyk: Ceilings and Floors

Written by: Shari Grayczyk   Well, my 2013, taxes are complete and filed. Off to the Federal and State Governments so they can refund me the money I loaned to them. Finally. When most people hear the word, ‘taxes,’ it

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Grayczyk: Mission Moldova

Written by: Shari Grayczyk Today, I am writing with a heavy heart.   The ministry of Stella’s Voice is the last cry that remains from an orphaned girl who was sold, used, and dead from AIDS by 19. There is

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Grayczyk: Stop Trying to Steal My Joy, Please!

Written by: Shari Grayczyk Have you ever had someone or something try to rip the joy right out from under your feet? Someone who begins the day with, “You don’t look very good,” on a day when you are feeling

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Grayczyk: Grace for the Good Girl (and Boy) in All of Us

Written by: Shari Grayczyk Ah….Grace for the Good Girl. That’s the book I’m reading. It’s written by Emily Freeman, and holy smokes, it resonates with me. Not the, ‘I need to be a good girl in order to get into

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Grayczyk: A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self (I’m the one in the red bandana) I was recently challenged, by another blogger, to write a letter to my younger self. And anyone who knows anything about me, knows that I

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