The Truth about Pokémon GO: What you need to know and what you don’t

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Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

If you are trying to figure out why Pokémon GO has taken over the world, it’s rather simple.

During a time where people argue over who’s lives matter most, the craziest presidential election possibly ever, and an endless stream of unconscionable violence — we needed a timeout.

The Pokemon GO hysteria is driving people out of their homes, encouraging them to walk their neighborhood, explore their surroundings, makes us find metroparks, and landmarks. All to catch fictional creatures that magically appear on our overused phones.

There is no race, no religion, no politics, no debate — only hard-to-pronounce characters and a well-deserved break.

This craze (which will pass), was created to drive gamers out of their broken-in chairs and onto their feet. You can already see how bad people are exploiting it’s success for their own misdeeds and how groups with political agendas use this excitement to further our divide.

“The CIA created the game.” , “A tool for Google to read your email”, “Warning: Pokémon GO could be a death sentence for a… (Insert race/religion Here)”

Of course the media (local and national) are going to be searching to show the absurdity of this moment. They will warn you against the “potential dangers”, tease must-watch Pokémon Go news stories with scary words. This is nothing new.

The truth about playing this game is using common sense. Don’t hop a fence, stay on a sidewalk. Don’t play it and drive. If something seems too good to be true, it is. Make sure a parent/grown up is playing alongside your children — all other stranger danger rules apply.

In my 41 years, I’ve never understood Pokémon, and I still don’t. However this app tricked me into walking miles through my neighborhood, made me chase shadows of hidden characters, led me to a church, a park and a grocery store, gave me an activity to do with my children… while only costing me data and time.

It was silly, fun, hot, and at times… exciting. Stupidly exciting.

As you see people of all races, ages, shapes and colors, walk around with their phone extended appearing to be lost; instead of judging them — why don’t you join them? Pokémon GO players are likely not geeks, nor Pokemon fanatics. I bet they are more like you than you’d imagine… just human beings needing a collective timeout.

My favorite quote about this phenomenon — “Michelle Obama has spent the last 8 years trying to get kids to play outside. It took Nintendo one day”.

(Even my favorite quote has passive political rhetoric)


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3 comments on “The Truth about Pokémon GO: What you need to know and what you don’t
  1. Mark says:

    Very good read & you’re absolutely spot on.


  2. Carol Miller says:

    I am spending time with my son…what more excuse do you need.


  3. Karen says:

    Anything that gets people off their butts, outside, “somewhat” interacting face to face with other people and getting their minds off all the evil in the world (at least for an hour anyway) can’t be bad I my book. And, no, I’m not actively partaking, but have met people I didn’t even know were my neighbors thanks to this “game”. So go forth and find those lil buggers America – I’ll be sure and say hi and wave to ya!


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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