Changing My Climate: From Baseball to Bernie

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(Blurry Photo courtesy of Brady Baumhower’s Snapchat account.  Taken inside Toledo’s Seagate Center)

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Here’s what I am thankful for this morning after the Ohio Primary:
— 35% of registered Lucas County voters went to the polls– in 2012 it was 22%
–Voting seemed to go incredibly smooth with few reports of incidents
–Local TV newscasts will no longer be interrupted by prerecorded political debates via candidate commercials.
–Facebook will be less divisive today, then it has been over the last week. We can now fill newsfeeds with more important things– March Madness brackets, St. Patrick’s Day selfies and OSU/Michigan rhetoric (eight months in advance of the big game).
–That all four of my children expressed political interest, had opinions about the various candidates, and thought outside of their own worlds.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 6.43.57 AM

Brady and I, outside the Seagate Center, three hours before Bernie sanders rally on 3/11/16

Over the last three month, my almost 16 year-old son has been discussing with me, Bernie Sanders. I have been “Feeling the Bern”through a daily course of memes, speech highlights and Daily Show/SNL segments.

A 73 year-old Senator from Vermont, connected with my beautifully-gifted son. It was for this reason I took him out of school early to attend last Friday’s Bernie Sanders’ political rally, in downtown Toledo.

I watched my son wait patiently in line, deal with an unusual atmosphere of strangers selling pins, collecting signatures and yells from drive-by protesters to witnessing him mouth catch phrases at the exact moment Bernie delivered them.

This was a big deal.
In my household; the months of January, February and March are 100% dominated with conversation about Detroit Tigers baseball.  My walls bear witness to observations about off-season maneuvering, opinions regarding starting pitching and TILs of former players’ current teams.  I am the most unintentionally informed baseball random fact guy because of our constant, impromptu and creative topics of everything hardball.   I even had to impose a “no baseball” discussion period from the last pitch of the World Series to January 2nd.
The proposed policies of Bernie Sanders promptly reduced baseball talk in my world, by 25%.  Instead of hating on the Indians, our negativity was focused on Donald Trump and his divisive rhetoric.  Opinions usually reserved for team salary cap and the Yankees effect, evolved into confabs about taxing billionaires, foreign policy and free tuition. 
This was another unexpected and beautiful twist in the life of my “1 in 66-er”.  Something I would’ve never predicted a decade ago.

That is why I voted for Bernie;  Senator Sanders changed the climate of my home.

Bernie beat baseball.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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