Op-Ed: Brad McDonald for Washington Local School Board #Election2015

(Editor’s Note:  iHeartGlassCity has invited all candidates  and issues to submit a column, to better educate the voters on the upcoming November 3rd election.) 

Written by: Brad McDonald

As one who makes a conscious effort to try to avoid the tabloids and social media, I’ve been compelled over the last several weeks to engage!

I’ve been reading and following several sites that are following the WLS Board Run, and I must say, that while I am turned off by much of the negativity I’ve felt/read, I am also grateful to be part of a community that is so engaged!

I feel I am a unique candidate. I am NOT running under the name of any political party and have NOT asked for any endorsements from ANYONE other that the 60+ people that I had sign my petition to run. I ask that anyone wishing to endorse me, do not do so publicly, but instead do so on November 3rd by simply putting a check next to my name on their Ballot. If people want to publicly express their opinions that they are for me… Well, everyone is entitled to express their opinion… and thank you. My reasoning behind this? Should I get elected, I will therefore ONLY be indebted to my constituents, students and WLS employees within the District that elected me. Period. No favors, no agenda. And on my honor I’ll represent THEM with all the power within the capacity granted me.

Humbled by the kind words of many, I must make it abundantly clear that I also have been unwavering in my support for Mr. Hickey. We all have erred. But I feel that the wisest are those who have erred, learned from their mistakes and strive to move forward with stronger character.

As a parent, taxpayer and active member of the community, I, along with my children/WLS Students are grateful and feel fortunate to be part of a District where it and the schools hold a rating of Excellent! As an educator, I truly know the importance of this rating! I feel this rating is in large part a result of Patrick Hickey’s leadership! I also feel that as a result of recent events, the district has emerged stronger and more united than ever! I also trust that Mr. Hickey will continue to focus on that quest for excellence and insure that ALL students and employees in the WLS District treated respectfully.

This is not a recent position I’ve taken. Leading up to the Board’s decision, on several occasions I appeared on WSPD supporting Mr. Hickey in addition to engaging with the community to express my support.

It is important that my constituents understand this: I have 3 bullets on every one of my signs and every piece of literature I’ve handed out:


I stand by my values. I fully understand that I can never be everything to all people, nor say or take a position on any issue that all people will agree with… But you can be sure that I won’t lie, cheat, steal or change my position on anything to just win an election! I’d rather lose than sacrifice my integrity.

Bottom line for me… I’m not for maintaining the “Status Quo” in the district! I feel we have strength in the schools from ALL the staff and with the leadership in the administration! However, we need a strong, united board that will focus on the progression of the district. I feel my attitude, drive and integrity along with my strong belief in teamwork will not only be an asset to the Board, but a pivotal part of it.

One last point…  With the debates, interviews and questionnaires… Why weren’t the right questions being  asked? Almost all questions have been agenda or special interest based.  Where were the questions about how I feel about common core?  Standardized Testing?  State Required SLO’s by teachers?  State funding based on performance? CTC importance?  Students graduating College AND Career ready?  Establishing internship for students as outlined in State House Bill 107?  As a teacher and educator, other than one other candidate, I’m probably the only one who knows what I’m talking about! Yet these are topics pivotal to the our district and the education system.

While many may not agree with all my ideas, I hope you can respect my right to express them, as I’ve respected the right of every person with a voice and their courage to do so.

Hoping you have a great day!

Brad McDonald –
Husband, Father, Teacher, Philanthropist, Juggernaut

For more information on Brad McDonald, visit his website


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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