Dear Ms. Licensed Professional Counselor: A Letter from an “Uneducated Stay-At-Home Dad”

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

An Open Letter to a Licensed Professional Counselor;

I was trying to ignore you.  I really was.   After you blocked me on Facebook, I felt this was the best way for us to communicate.

I believe there is something wrong with you.  Your words show so much anger, pain, like you have been hurt.  There is so much emotion in your mind, that you post irrational thoughts, no matter how insane they appear.

You make the wildest, unfounded allegations, you publicly diagnose people you have never met (on your professional page) and you spam twitter— begging to be noticed.  Your Tweets are ignored, complaints have been filed and civil litigation could be headed your way.

I was trying to ignore your name calling and public cries for attention, because clearly something is wrong.  I am trying to be a better and bigger person, and picking on those with obvious issues, does not sit well with my soul.

However, you make that impossible.

You have called me a “clown”, “chauvinist”, a “bully”, an “uneducated stay-at-home-dad.. who ignores reality”– none of which have bothered me, because I suspect you’re ill, and I do not value your opinion.

Last night, your trolling won, though.  It has garnered this reaction.

In your post titled, ‘The Spinners’; after taking shots at numerous people, most of whom have asked you not to endorse them– you said the following about myself,  “Then there is Mr. Hypocricy (sic). He spins to keep himself entertained as a stay at home father while pretending he’s relevant as a “blogger”‘

Screenshot from

Screenshot from

Your words did not bother me, but you shared a screenshot of me, holding what appears to be a blank piece of white paper.  You took the liberty of photoshopping the words, “#StandUpForKayla”, off the page.  This editing session got my attention.

Jeremy Baumhower

The Original Photo Here:

Do you know why the words were on that piece of paper?  Days before I penned and shared the photo, Kayla Meeker, a teenager and student at Anthony Wayne High School ended her own life after being bullied online.  The words, “#StandUpForKayla”, was a vehicle for me to discuss the potential consequences of online bullying.  I also wrote about the contagiousness of suicides, hoping to stop just one.   (Baumhower: Kayla’s Tragic Life Lesson #StandUpForKayla)

Do you see the irony of your photoshopped picture?

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

“JBomb spins the truth in a deposition for allegedly spreaking (sic) gossip”.

The words were attached to an 11 year-old ToledoBlade story, covering the civil lawsuit against Denny Shaffer, filed by a Blade reporter.  Denny had alleged the female staffer was picking up her paychecks from the publisher’s nightstand.  I have no idea why I was named by Denny’s producer,  facts I shared during my deposition.  His allegations were false; the slander case against Denny awarded the Blade Staffer $25,000 and Mr. Shaffer had to make an on-air apology.

you continue…

“JBomb spins misformation against national Socialist Movement and gets told: Perhaps, Jeremy Baumhower should try reporting facts, for a change” ”

These words were attached to a post on the National Socialist Movement’s website.  Do you not know who the NSM are?  They’re Nazis.  Can you imagine the expression on my face when I realized, that in your haste to discredit me, you shared propaganda, by the leader of the Nazi party?   My column, that Mr. Wannabe Hitler responded to, was asking the local media to not give the crazy Nazis coming to protest in Toledo (again), any print or airtime– in hopes of stopping a repeat visit from a decade before.

You shared a link to Nazi propaganda on your website, to make me look like I have a history of “spinning” the truth.

Once again, irony.

What my column was requesting of the local media, with the hate-group, is what I have been asking the Washington Local voters and candidates to do with you.  Ignore the crazy.   You’re both fun to gawk at, but dangerous if you start to listen to their propaganda.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 7.39.31 AM

Screenshot from

While tearing down nearly every WLS Board candidate, you have proclaimed that  I am leader of a “Good Old Boys club”– but I view it differently.  The current and potential public servants, you speak so highly against are a part of a different group, “the Common Sense Club”.

I cannot imagine how it must feel to have a political candidate, refuse your endorsement; to have your approval of what they stand for… be publicly disavowed.  Then to have it happen multiple times, by multiple candidates, weeks before the election, is something special.  David Hunter and Tom Johnson will always have my respect for this act.

What are you going to do, when the one candidate left you still endorse, asks you to do the same?

You repeatedly call me “uneducated”.  Did you know the candidate you fully and openly support, Cindy Perry,  and I,  have the same level of education? We are both High School graduates.

I could not pursue college, because I was going to be a dad and needed to work.  A choice I would make again, and again.

Although Mrs. Perry and I have a difference of opinions on education; she would rather spend tax dollars on recovering old textbooks, and I would rather equip the children with iPads.  She wants to fire the current Superintendent, Patrick Hickey, oh I mean, “change the future leadership of the district”… and I fully support the work Mr. Hickey has done within this community.  As you can see, one of us is clearly hindered by our intelligence.  The other person has your full endorsement.

It’s funny that you use the word “uneducated” as a way to discredit me, but the one candidate you support is equally as educated?  Hmm.

So, you support an “uneducated” political candidate, who is currently running to sit on a Board of Education?  I don’t understand the hypocrisy, I believe that was the word you used earlier, although it was misspelled.   Maybe, I am just not educated enough to understand.

If I were to properly summarize your blog post titled, The Spinners”,  after using the above examples–  you support teenage online bullying and it’s unintentional consequences,  the costly act of slander, & the Neo-Nazi party.  Oh, and I forgot, Washington Local School Board Candidate, Cindy Perry.

I was surprised to learn you were looking for work.   Hopefully, me answering your cries for attention will market your experience and education.  If you are interested in learning more about Terri Kern, visit her blog.

Finally, Mrs. Perry, if you have any respect for the children of Washington Local School district; may I suggest joining the other BOE candidates and asking Ms. Terri Kern, (licensed counselor, holder of a Master’s Degree and 25 years of Human Resource experience), to not endorse you as well.   There is plenty of room in the “Common Sense Club”.

If you don’t, I understand– you and I are both “uneducated”.


Jeremy Baumhower


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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One comment on “Dear Ms. Licensed Professional Counselor: A Letter from an “Uneducated Stay-At-Home Dad”
  1. Mary Poe says:

    People who degrade others about their educations or so called lack of and tout their own are truly the uneducated ones! I happen to know several educated people who are the most, shall I say ,everyday common sense dumb people I know! Some were Professors at Universities who could not handle the real world outside of Academia!


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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