Episode 15 — Toledo’s Election Day X-Factor: The Washington Local School Board Race


On November 3, 2015, the residents of Washington Local School District not only will elect 3 members to it’s BOE, but will likely be the ‘X-Factor’ in selecting Toledo’s next Mayor.

Jeremy Baumhower talks with three of the five candidates for the WLS BOE in this episode.   We are actively trying to interview the remaining two for an upcoming episode.

For more information:

Brad McDonald– check out his website.

Mark Hughes– check out his website

Lisa Canales– check out her website

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4 comments on “Episode 15 — Toledo’s Election Day X-Factor: The Washington Local School Board Race
  1. Mike Schwab says:

    Hi Jeremy, since you’re trying to provide perspective and insight on the candidates for the WLS Board elections, it seems it’d be appropriate that you should ask for their opinion about the the controversial General Truck facility which is proposed to be built dangerously close to Shoreland Elementary School.

    Recently the Toledo plan commission reversed their opposition to the city council’s rezoning of a residential area which allows a huge commercial truck sales and repair complex nearly adjacent to Shoreland school. As many may know, the access to the entrance is entirely through the Shoreland School Zone, and the site is only steps away from the school building, playgrounds and athletic fields behind the school. Many kids walk up and down this corridor every day with an already high level of truck traffic passing through the area to nearby North Cross industrial park

    The school board is on record as opposing this project, as are Washington Township police, fire departments, and trustees, and the hundreds of homeowners who petitioned against it.

    There are obvious safety concerns with the possibility of up to 200 tractor-trailer rigs a day moving through the Shoreland school zone on a narrow country road… and a stretch where WLS buses stop and go during peak hours…The most recent site plan did not even provide for a sidewalk!

    That said, here would be my question either personally or in a forum, for any candidates who propose to represent the district or township’s best interests:

    What is the opinion of any candidate regarding the addition of a huge polluting Truck Repair complex to the neighborhood of Shoreland School, (and on a wetland area)…
    and how do you feel it could in any way enhance the image of the township and school system, quality of life, residential property valuation or safety…and, indirectly, what tax revenue benefits the business would offer if it causes residential property value to depreciate…How do you feel this addition to the area benefits the school system ?
    in any way?

    Also, pursuant to a story related to me by a township resident…

    Presuming any of the candidates are “on board” with the school board in opposing this development how did it come to pass that before the site plan was approved, the owner of General Truck Steve Bassett was allowed to donate $25,000 for the funding of a concession stand that was built on township property directly behind Shoreland School.
    Does any candidate have first-hand knowledge of this?

    How was money appropriated for that, and the structure even allowed to be constructed if there was knowledge that it was coming from Mr. Bassett – when the School Board formally is said to oppose his development?

    Did any candidate or WLS-associated party ask Mr. Bassett for a contribution to any group associated with fundraising for the concession stand? If you were a board member, would you feel it’s ethical to solicit or accept a “donation” from a developer for a school-related cause such as this – when your board formally opposed his project?

    Why has the school board never engaged legal counsel at any point for at minimum, some opinion on how to stop the project considering the absolute negative impact it will have on township schools and residents lives throughout the surrounding neighborhood areas from Washington Township all the way into Michigan?

    I’d submit that if any party associated with the board in any way supports General Truck, or facilitated monies from its owner for the township for any reason, the’re a disgrace and should have no place on a school board… or in any public office, for that matter.


    • Thank you for the great question. Maybe the three interviewed candidates can respond here.


      • Mike says:

        Yeah, it would be courageous if they’d comment on what appears to be a flat out payoff from General Truck to buy some popularity..evidently those parents will be just fine with the kids wandering along Suder to and from a school and playgrounds as up to 200 tractor-trailer rigs a day are eventually rolling in and out of the school zone. This is a tremendously detrimental project. It’s curious that a concession stand now…um…stands..on school property – funded by the truck firm – when the BOE and candidates are allegedly opposed to it as a safety threat that stands to impact hundreds of homeowners property value and alter the entire face of the neighborhood to that of an industrial zone. I’d interpret the lack of response from WLS candidates who can’t appreciate as an acknowledgement that it’s a bad deal on every level and acceptance of cash from GTS deserves the Shame Bell, at minimum. Unfortunately it’s no small or laughing matter for those of us who have to live with the consequences.


  2. Mike says:

    Obviously too hot to risk handling for any candidates who read this…which speaks volumes to me.


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