Ashley Madison Users of NW Ohio & SE Michigan, Ranked

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

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It’s been a week since hackers released the stolen Ashley Madison user data.  Ashley Madison, a website designed as a vehicle for married people to connect and have affairs.

With over 30 Million worldwide people; Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan had thousands of users.   I have peeked through the stolen information and am happy to report that we had only a single City of Toledo employee use their work email for an account.   The retired city employee’s name is being withheld. 

Tecnilógica, a Madrid-based software company, transformed the data into an interactive map based on the gender and location of AM users.  I’ve compiled a localized list of the amount of users from cities/towns in NW Ohio & SE Michigan, based on Malfideleco’s data.

Data compiled from Malfideleco & Google (Lambertville & Temperance's pop. is from 2010)

Data compiled from Malfideleco & Google (Lambertville & Temperance’s pop. is from 2010)

Not Mentioned:  The City of Findlay had 3373 Users

***Obviously, Dundee’s numbers are too high and there has to be an error with all those users assigned to that area.


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7 comments on “Ashley Madison Users of NW Ohio & SE Michigan, Ranked
  1. maggie121953 says:

    Where can we get the names


  2. ToledoAreaGuy says:

    Is the number of users from the zip code or just the city? For example, the Village of Swanton has 3,700 residents, but the zip code has 14,000. That would make a big impact on the percentage.


    • Definitely zipcode-based. I have verified the 43560 and Maumee. They match. Dundee is skewed way high. Like they threw multiple towns into the city. The percentage of users per capita hovers near 10%


  3. idakae says:

    I find this whole Ashley Madison drama laughable….. I’m single and am on Ashly Madison. I’ve been on other dating sites. The same folks on AM that are married are on all the other sites saying they are divorce, single etc. There are a number of single people on AM. There are a number of people who are single but dating on AM. On other web sites I continually got stood up and had bad experiences…. why does anyone care what anyone does??? This website is just a place,a container,all these folks are doing what they are going to do anyway. There is so SO MUCH MORE TO THIS STORY


  4. I found my brothers name through the email/ name list. I cracked up because he has never been married. I wonder if his fiancee knows he’s listed on the site though?


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