Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Received the following message last night about a Woodville woman and her heartbreaking story:

Her name is Laura Strong.  Her story will show you how appropriate her name truly is.

“Hi Jeremy! Hope you’re all having a great summer!

I have a special request tonight. A young, local woman, from Woodville, is currently fighting a hard battle. She battled breast cancer and just when she thought she won the battle, it came back with a vengeance, in her bones. She has three young children, who she calls her “monsters” and she had to tell them yesterday that her liver isn’t working anymore and there isn’t anything more the doctors can do. It’s heartbreaking and unimaginable. I know Laura and her family would love if the community could pray for comfort and peace during this most difficult time. Her name is Laura Strong. She’s on Facebook if you want to follow her posts.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I thought you would be the perfect person to spread the word for prayers.


Laura Strong posted the following yesterday:

“When medical treatment offers no answers. When Gerti is beyond repair. When I can see the rainbows all over my house, but can only feel pain.

In my opinion, that’s when it’s time to tell your littles what is going on. Tell them why everyone is crying and saying I love you.

 Yesterday we told our three little monsters that mommy isn’t going to get better this time and the chemo is no longer an option.

“Dad said he thought you would live until I graduate!!” I wish my first born, oh how I wish.

“We will never get to have a sleepover again.” We can ask Dede. Would that work? “It won’t be the same…more crying.” I know my sweet curly haired baby, but you have so many people that love you. They will help Daddy with things he doesn’t know how to do.

Keegan was last and I knew he’d be the hardest. Both of us crying too hard to ask or answer questions. Just holding each other he whispered, “I love you more”. To which I told him that wasn’t possible.

Life is harder than I ever could have imagined. Kiss your babies whenever you can. Squeeze them and love them because you just never know when your time will be up. Xoxoxo”

**** I have read her words numerous times, with each new reading comes harder tears. I can not imagine having a more difficult conversation.

Her strength in sharing that moment, might forever change me.

Thank you, for sharing the hardest talk a parent may ever have to host.

Please keep Laura Strong, her husband and their “monsters” in your prayers and thoughts.

Hug your “monster” this morning, remind them how much they mean the world to you. Do that on behalf of Laura.

God Bless you, Laura.



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4 comments on “#StayStrongLaura
  1. Debby Runion-Frankenhauser says:

    Thanks for posting this most difficult discussion for Laura. I know how much courage, love, faith and compassion Laura has. I know how absolutely sweet, caring and concerned she has always been to and for others. Now, it’s her turn to have all of that love returned, ten-fold. The hard part about it being her turn is that she is just too young. Her husband, Aaron, does not deserve to lose his young wife already. Her “far too young” children absolutely should NEVER have to go through any of this rotten stuff called cancer. It strips the life away from families…literally. I know all of this because Laura Strong is my niece. Aaron is my nephew and their children are my “greats”. This lovely family is being put through unspeakable pain and yet they continue to hold their heads up and keep as much humor in life as possible. To really know them…is to really know love. ❤️


  2. Katie Potridge says:

    Laura is an inspiration and the true epitomy of courage, strength and faith. Anyone who has been lucky enough to cross paths with her comes away a better person.


  3. amanda truman says:

    God bless you for this post. Laura we are all oraying for you, sweetheart. #staystronglaura


  4. My prayers for Laura Strong. My prayers for her children. From her words, I sense her amazing & beautiful spirit. Laura Strong’s sweet spirit will always be with her children, as will her love. A fierce love that will remain. A watchful eye over them now will forever be watching over her ” little monsters”.


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