#FightingDancer Update: Send Love and Support to Valory Newton

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Valory Newton hours after surgery. (Photo Courtesy of Dyana Newton's Facebook)

Valory Newton hours after surgery. (Photo Courtesy of Dyana Newton’s Facebook)

Yesterday, 9 year-old Valory Newton, underwent life-changing surgery.  She is doing well, the procedure went “text book”.  She now has a “nubby” after the amputation of her lower left leg.

Valory requested Mac and Cheese and to see her new ‘nubby’.  Her spirits are high, as always.

Now for the part where we can do something special.

Did you know that Nationwide Children’s Hospital, allows you to create a card, online — where they print it off and deliver it to the room… for FREE?

The hospital staff delivers the personalized greetings to the room, a couple times a day.

I was tipped off to this by Valory’s mom, Dyana Newton​.  Valory has witnessed other patients receive these high-quality cards, and made a remark or two… accompanied with a smile.

This is where we can do something special. Will you take two seconds, create a card and send it?

How beautiful would it be to flood this little dancer’s hospital room, with cards and well-wishes?

Each card allows you to upload pictures and include 750 characters of text.

Here are the Step-by-step Instructions:

1) Click the WEBSITE

2) Click “Create a Card” (orange button center)

3) Click a Design (bubble underneath) and Color Scheme)

4) Click “Continue”

5) Choose an Image or Upload Your own

6) Click “Continue”

7) Click specific image you wish to send

8) Click “Continue”

9) Here are the important Steps

Fill Out the Following Information

-Patient’s Name: Valory

-Choose a Greeting (Various choices-scroll options)

-Enter Your Message (750 Characters)

-Enter Your Signature (sign the card)

****Very Important*****

-Enter Patient Information–
First Name: Valory
Last Name: Newton

-Patient Room Unit:   Unit 12 A Room 36

-Enter Your Information

10) Click “Continue”

11) Confirm your card and Click “SEND”

Please join me in flooding her room with love from NW Ohio.  Let this family know, they are not alone.

UPDATED: (10:00 AM 4/24/15):

Meet the new, healthier version of Valory Newton.

This girl, wanted to sit on the chair and start walking, so she did. Her surgery isn’t a day old.

Yesterday, a team of Doctors removed her leg. This morning, she is up and walking.

What’s your excuse? Yesterday is the past, change your future… pick yourself up and do something.

How inspiring are these pictures? The very definition of kicking cancer’s ass, with a smile on your face.

She is ‪#‎ToledoTough‬


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3 comments on “#FightingDancer Update: Send Love and Support to Valory Newton
  1. Jenn Angelo says:

    You’re my inspiration! As I biked 180 miles with BGDM’s Bike For Tikes you pushed me to work hard. You can do anything you want, never let this bring you down. Always keep dancing and reach for the stars because you’re a fighter. Show cancer you’re a force to be reckoned with. You got this!! Xoxox Jenn


  2. Hope says:

    MISS VALORY……YOU ARE AMAZING, YOUNG LADY!!!! Many Prayers going out to you!!! Prayers for strength and continued determination for a quick and FULL Recovery!!! You’re an Inspiration to All!!! BIG HUGS SWEETIE!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!


  3. […] #FightingDancer Update: Send Love and Support to Valory Newton. […]


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