BEWARE: OG Hip Hop Promoter’s Baby Mama Selling Cheap NBA Tickets

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

BEWARE:  The people behind the Coolio, Naughty By Nature and Bone Thug N Harmony concert are back at it, this time they have cheap NBA tickets.

Remember the OG Hip Hop Fest fiasco?  It appears Jason Craig and his spouse, have yet to ride off in the sunset.

Last night, someone brought to my attention; some recent and frequent listings on various Facebook garage-sale group pages.  The postings advertise NBA Detroit Pistons’ tickets for cheap.  There are a couple of different games being sold, and talk of a fly-away for a game in Miami.

The postings are being made from the longtime girlfriend of Jason Craig, famed promoter of the OG Hip Hop Fest and current Treasurer/Operations Manager for the Perrysburg Heights Community Association (PHCA).  The very same man– who promised, promoted and failed to deliver, every national headline act for a concert, in August of last year.  This failed concert was of course “for the children” of Perrysburg’s poorest neighborhood.

Who can forget this news report, days before the OG Fest?

This recent “fundraiser” is a benefit for the new “Perrysburg Swarm Basketball Program”.  Never heard of it?  Don’t worry you are not alone.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 5.53.51 AM

Kristie Koester has posted on numerous Facebook Garage Sale group pages, “Detroit Pistons vs Miami Heat tickets for sale, comes with a ticket to take a post game shot on the court. Game is April 4th, pick up tickets in Perrysburg. $15 a ticket or 2 for $25.

You have to believe because they are selling the tickets so cheaply, they were given to them for free, or $5 a ticket at the very highest.

I do know that professional teams, like the Pistons, Heat and Bulls; help charity organizations by providing them with cheap/free tickets.  I believe the tickets being sold, are likely legit. However, there are questions about how the tickets were procured and under what pretenses?  The Detroit Pistons do not have an investigative unit on staff, they have to trust people.

This is a loophole, some might exploit for personal gain.  Especially people with absolutely no self-respect or dignity.

Since Jason Craig has taken over as Treasurer for the non-profit PHCA, no financial records nor meeting minutes have been made public.  There is zero transparency as to the monies being brought in, and spent at the neighborhood Perrysburg Center.

Here is some more information about the two individuals selling the tickets– Please Read: The Case Against the PHCA

I am asking you at this time, not to support anything that comes from this couple–especially when they act in the name of an organization/sports program, that’s never been heard of.  They might be legit tickets, but let’s not hand these two, any more cash.  They taken enough.

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More to come… (I’m sure)


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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