The Day the Nazis Won

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

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To my friends in Toledo Media:

Please… Do this city, and myself a favor– give no attention to the Nazis.

The National Socialist Movement has scheduled an April 18 return to Toledo.  This appearance is to “Celebrate” the ten-year anniversary of the last time they visited. 

If you can remember, the weeks leading up to their last visit– the news acted as a promotional vehicle, with stories about the group getting the  permit, where and when it would take place etc.  All that attention, which hate-groups like these crave, made their march an event.

The worst part about this year’s planned visit, is the timing.  These bald-headed trolls are coming on April 18th. The same weekend as our newest, unofficial city-wide holiday–  “419 Day”.

“419 Day” is April 19th, or 4-19;  a twenty-four hour period where residents are asked to show their love for NW Ohio on social media.  This special day, inspired by Instagrammers, has been catching on–where bars and local businesses are now planning events to help celebrate Toledo and all those living in the 419.

419 Day was created to show love and pride, for our city. The last thing we need are front-page headlines of a repeated riot, inspired by a group of people that only hates.

Many organizations and groups hold rallies, and protests daily, in our city– rarely do they ever get any media coverage.  So why would we give any attention to this group, when their only message is hurt others?

We, in the media, choose to make hate-groups coming to Toledo, a news story.  Last time, that choice was made, and look at what happened.  This city was baited into events, that led to neighborhood riots, destruction of police and news vehicles, Jim and Lou’s being burnt to the ground, and wound up as a top story on National News.

The Nazis won that day, the city of Toledo lost.

Here’s a twist on famous riddle;  If a small group of hate-mongers marches in a city that ignores them, do they make a noise?


This time, let’s not be trolled by the lowest pieces-of-shit, this country has ever known.

Let’s ignore stupidity and put the focus on love.  Let’s choose to not give them any airtime or ink.  Let’s not make it worth their time to ever step foot in this city again.

It’s been ten years, and we are a different city.  This time, let’s ignore them.


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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3 comments on “The Day the Nazis Won
  1. angelrose413 says:

    Take Back The Night is on the same night maybe if media covered Our program instead then they will not get what they want.


  2. MaryLue Bodenmiller says:

    Memories of the Day Toledo Lost:

    I was at my neighbor’s house. Her oldest daughter was very excited about going to a dance at Start. Theresa and i were helping do Becky’s hair and nails. Becky was nervous about the dance. We had heard about the Nazi visit. We were dis-interested about the whole thing. We had better memories to make that day. We had expected to take awkward pictures in the front yard of Becky with her frozen hair, and flowing dress, with a too thin young man next to her in a poorly fitting suit. And the obligatory pinning of the flower on the ill fitting suit, and the wrist corsage being offered and accepted. Those memories were stolen. Never to be made or had because of Nazis. The dance was cancelled. No blisters from too high heels. No stains to be blotted from the lovely dress. The pictures were not taken. Instead of spending that tomorrow reliving the night of the dance, it was spent watching video over and over of anger and hate being spewed. That was The Day Toledo Lost and the tomorrow after. Thanks


    • lillian covarrubias says:

      Your reflection on missed memories should serve as a reminder to all of us.we can spend our time protesting the protesters and have only bitter memories or we can ignore their message of hate and create good/happy memories. We can also email/write the Blade and other media outlets and tell them to focus on the good going on that day and limit the coverage of that hate group to a borderland item. (If even that)


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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