The Not-So Racist Woman

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite pictures that has ever appeared on my Facebook newsfeed.

First: Read the caption.

Today was one of the best day for my family today we got notified that the judge signed the order of adoption for my two baby girls~~~You have no clue whats a true blessing we have been given~~~NO ONE WILL EVER HURT THEM OR TAKE THEM FROM US~~~I want to thank all of you for sticking this out with me and my family all your prayers paid off and helped god to hear our prayers for these baby’s~~~I am so blessed to have all of you on our side and I just want to tell you all thank you from the bottom the top every ounce of my Heart for your help~~

From Left to Right: Alyssa, Michelle, Garret and Amanda. Photo Courtesy of Anne Prueter's Facebook Page

From Left to Right: Alyssa, Michelle, Garret and Amanda. Photo Courtesy of Anne Prueter’s Facebook Page

Do you remember when the Perrysburg Heights/Old School Hip Hop controversy started– Jason Craig and a AM Radio Host, former Speedway employee, blasted a local business owner and insinuated she “might have issues” with racism because of pictures posted on her Facebook page?

Her name was mentioned because of a quote in a Toledo Blade article.  The host proceeded to read a post made by Mrs. Prueter to the Parrysburg Facebook page, where she was expressing concern about the now infamously failed festival.

Take a listen for yourself.  (cue to 7:21, unless you want to hear the host endorse and promote his friend’s event. )
The woman’s name is Ann Prueter, her business is Great Lakes Urgent Care.  Mrs. Prueter has conservative values, gets pretty political on her Facebook page, probably was a one-time listener of the very radio station that smuggling insinuated her as a racist.

After the interview, Anne was devastated.  Betrayed by a radio station she once loved, and the town she calls home.  The abuse was so bad, Anne signed off Facebook.  She just wanted things to go away.  She knew what her values were and knew she did not possess a racist bone.

This is why… Meet Ann’s family including the newest members, Alyssa and Amanda, who are pictured on the left.  These two beautiful babies are now officially a part of Mrs. Prueter’s family forever.  Their parents are Michelle (Ann’s daughter) and Garrett… with these two babies, that brings their total to 6 adopted African-American children.

Ann Prueter's family.

Ann Prueter’s family.

What a beautiful picture.

I find there is no greater example of love, then with adopting children, especially those of a different race.

My children get to see everyday and experience a similar example of love, with the Schuele family in Sylvania.  They too, have adopted six babies, with skin a different color then their own.

So to my former radio colleague, who quickly and blindly insinuated that a local business woman “might have issues” with racism…. without doing an ounce of research– get a clue.   If you did any investigating of the Hip Hop Festival in the first place– the interview would have sounded way different.


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2 comments on “The Not-So Racist Woman
  1. Ann Prueter says:

    Thank you we have been truly blessed and nothing will ever change that!!!!


  2. John Nusbaum Jr. says:

    Beautiful family pic.. I too, have a rather large family of different “hues” ! We too, are blessed to be a part of each other. None of ours are adopted, but at large family functions I sometimes feel “I” may have been chosen for this “experience”. Thanks Jeremy for the share.


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