Randy Sehl vs Randy Sehl

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Randy Sehl (Courtesy of Instagram)

Randy Sehl (Courtesy of Instagram)

Before yesterday, I had never heard the name of Randy Sehl.

I received my first message a little after 8 AM, asking for my opinion of Mr. Sehl.  Since I had no idea who he was, I decided to google and immediately found the article in the paper.  According to the Toledo Blade, Mr Sehl is ‘suspended with pay’ pending an investigation from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Sehl  currently works as head of security for Washington Local Schools, since 2012.  He was also suspended as a Volunteer Sheriff Deputy from Lucas County.   The investigation started after a Bedford student was caught with 25 to 30 tests, answer keys, and the class work of other students.. and numerous teachers which are all listed on the report.  Here is a link to the Toledo Blade’s story.

The news story was so unusual, that I read it a couple of times to comprehend the magnitude of what was being alleged.  It was so layered with confusing elements, that it wasn’t making sense.

I had way more questions than answers, and my inbox was starting to be filled with people alleging that there might be a history with Mr. Sehl and Bedford students.

-How and why did he have such access to a school he no longer worked for?
-Why would he be working out with an underage student so late at night?
-Why did he work out at Bedford High School instead of Whitmer, where he is employed?

I decided to use Facebook to investigate a little more, and posted the following:   “Looking for any and all Bedford alums to message me about something that might of happened during the years of 1987 thru 2000. I’m sorry for the vagueness of the post.”

Instantly, I was flooded with Bedford graduates looking to help, having no idea what I was about to ask.   I started every conversation the same way, “Do you know Randy Sehl?  If so, what are your thoughts about him?”

Although the ages of the responders were various, with graduating years ranging from 1989 to 2000,  it did not take too long to see a running theme in their commentary.

Numerous people alleged to me, most asking that their name remain undisclosed, the following;  While Randy Sehl was a Monroe County Sheriff Deputy, between the years of 1989 through 2000– Mr. Sehl would fraternize with Bedford high School  male athletes after school hours.  Mr. Sehl allegedly would “hang out” and “party” with students, show up to house parties, most accusers were stating he would buy underage people beer, acting as “a supplier”.   He was a law enforcement officer who ‘loved using his “cop persona” to get people to think he was cool’.

Needless to say, I was floored by the allegations, shocked at the volume and range of years.   There were specifics given, of locations, dates and times.

I was just puzzled on how something so wrong, could continue for so long?   But then again, what underage kid that goes to  house parties, would tell on a cop who was providing beer?

Several hours later, I decided to share the Toledo Blade’s article about the investigation, and publicly asked for people to message me their opinion of Mr. Sehl.

Once again, I was flooded with people offering their perspective on the man being investigated.   Initially, the messengers shared similar stories as the ones I had received earlier.

Then as the night progressed, the messages, and their tone changed.   Words like  “upstanding”, “mentor” and “respected” were now being used to describe Randy Sehl,  with one commenter even threatening to “throat punch” me for simply asking questions about the man’s character.

Two very different pictures were painted of the same person, a man that is currently being investigated for allegedly helping Bedford high schools students cheat.  A man who’s job is the safety of 7,000 children that attend Washington Local Schools.  An investigation centered around video evidence allegedly showing Mr. Sehl at the school, going in and out of various classrooms, late at night, on multiple occasions.

Then I stumbled upon Mr. Sehl’s public Instagram and twitter accounts,  and saw the two very different worlds; one showing a proud school law enforcement officer, featuring numerous pictures of pep assemblies, awards,  Mr. Sehl as a football referee, and levy campaign signs.  The other showing a different side– pictures including weird selfies, video clips of Mr. Sehl singing in a band, and numerous photographs of a young man, working out at Bedford and Whitmer’s gym.

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So many more questions come to mind after taking a peek at his very public social media life.

If this was a female teacher seen with a male student, late at night, hitting the gym, photographs of them in a car together, headed to get a bite to eat, would we view this case differently?

If he was a female teacher, would this contact be allowed?

If you have any information regarding this ongoing investigation please contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office via email at tellthesheriff@monroemi.org

If you have any information about Randy Sehl and/or regarding this ongoing investigation you are being asked to email the Superintendent of Washington Local Schools (phickey@wls4kids.org)


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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41 comments on “Randy Sehl vs Randy Sehl
  1. Sue says:

    I feel you have already made up your mind that Randy Sehl is guilty of being too friendly with male students. That being said , do you really believe that from 1987-2014 Mr Sehl was that good at keeping this dirty little secret ? That the people of Bedford are that stupid that he was able to fool them for this many years? I will be honest with you , I do not know Mr Sehl and I usually like your stories , but the slant you have put on this story is very disturbing. Remarks about his pictures-they’re not as bad as you write. The suggestion that if this was a female teacher would it be allowed. Obviously it wasn’t allowed in this case nor should it , but what was the relevance of that question?


    • Ed says:

      This one is a no brainer. Ethics, integrity and following the law. This guy is narcissistic and dangerous, perhaps a sociopath. Not a worthy public servant or a mentor. Finally exposed.


      • liz says:

        Actually, he is and was an amazing mentor, Well respected and an outstanding guy. He worked at my school for years and kids didn’t get away with anything. I don’t think in any way this man would do the things in which he is being accused of.


  2. Fletcher Murdock says:

    Sue, the people of Bedford are definitely that stupid.


  3. sarah says:

    I’m recently graduated from bedford, I’ll be the first to say their are multiple inappropriate teachers. One particular that everyone knows is too friendly and he has seniority so when girls feel uncomfortable the faculty just blow it off. I knew deputy Sehl and was never uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean anything. Lots of guilty teachers, lots of other teachers guilty of turning the other cheek. Just my opinion.


  4. Shasta says:

    I find it odd that you only asked Bedford alum, their opinion. What about the years after 2000. When he wasn’t at Bedford. He was always a great person who was someone we looked up to at Dundee. And why does it matter what his selfies look like, or that he sings in a band. He has a talent that he uses, not a bad thing.


    • I never said I didn’t have anything past the year 2,000. People of Dundee have been in contact, since this started. I just like to take it one-era-at-a-time.


      • Nicholas poore says:

        Jeremy please contact me if you want a ton of specifics and names


      • Neil says:

        I am also from Dundee,Randy was good friends with my brother Mark who was killed in a car accident in 2003. I understand people change but the times I was around him he was very respectful and seemed to be well raised. I do know my brother would not be friends with someone if he was like the person you are trying to get us all to believe Randy to be. The comment would a female teacher be allowed, seems like you are trying to accuse him of something?


  5. Jeff Lamb says:

    I knew Randy about 10 years ago when he used to come into The Cocoa House up in Bedford when I was hosting Karaoke. Randy was always a great guy to me and treated everybody very well. He was well liked up there and always welcomed but the staff and customers alike. I think you’re putting the cart in front of the horse here Jeremy. I haven’t seen anything reliable that would back where you’re trying to go with your story.

    I’ll stand by Randy while the investigation is under way. I think it’s dangerous to hold an investigation on Facebook of all places. Let the professionals do their job.


  6. Bedford alum says:

    For all of the naysayers that think Mr. Sehl is a stand up guy, you are sadly mistaken. I have known him for many years and he is nothing but an ego maniac, narscasistic man who uses his authority to his advantage. Ask yourself, What 50 something year old grown man spends that amount of time with teenagers?

    Most of the people that are defending him I know personally. They are the same guys he provided alcohol for and partied with when they were 20+ years younger than him. What teenage boy would report him?

    This is Bedford’s dirty little secret. Everyone knows Mr. Sehl and the company he keeps. They are just too afraid to admit it.


    • Paul Henry says:

      oh really “bedford alum” you don’t say? Huh…why don’t you put your name on it if your gonna post a bunch of gossip and rumor? Why not have the courage to state facts. Your just and chicken shit as the author of this story and his “sources”


  7. chris says:

    I occasionally sing with Randy @ church.I am a nurse,who for the last twenty years that I worked,worked mental health crises.From my experience,I do not see a man who is narcissistic,dangerous,or a sociopath.Since moving from Toledo to Bedford,I have met extremely kind and nice people,who certainly are not stupid.


  8. Brittany says:

    This article has so many things wrong with it, I am also a former bedford graduate and know Deputy Sehl, he must be the only police officer with an Instagram, the only one who works out, the only person to take selfies? Sounds like a bunch of nonsense and false allegations to me.


  9. Don John says:

    I am a recent graduate from Bedford. Deputy Sehl, my self and many others would work out after everyone else left the building just because there was no one else to bother our work and thats the only time we could get to together and get an extra lift in. You’re making assumptions about a guy that is giving young athlete the extra workout everyone is always tell us to get. Without his time and his workout program non of us would of became as successful in our sport as we did. As for the letting us in classroom, that never happened. To be complete honest there is more than one way to obtain test answers via text message. Randy is a friendly guy and is very social, church choir, band, regular athletic event attendee. HE likes getting involved and theres absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. I find this article completely bullshit and very presumptuous. As for the comment about people from Bedford “defiantly being that stupid” if I’m not mistaken BPS has had some of the states highest test scores in the last ten plus years. If you don’t know exactly what you’re talking about mind your own damn business. PS Ed your comment was completely irrelevant and 100% slander. Deputy Randy Sehl is one of my greatest mentors.


  10. Mike says:

    Jeremy, look at your profile pic before you start commenting on deputy sehls. Just saying.


  11. Bedfords dirty secret finally comes out. How this man got away with this for as long as he did is disturbing, but no more disturbing than him targeting teenage boys while being paid to protect and serve. If he is prosecuted due to video of him entering a school premises for nefarious purposes, it would be a shame. His indiscretions go way beyond illegally obtained test answers. I am sure those answers were just a bargaining chip to help him gain traction with the current object of his affection. This will most certainly be an athletic teenage boy. It always is. It always has been. This problem will continue until he is removed from a position that allows him access to these kids.

    Hey authorities, you should most definitely subpeona that mans computer. It’s certain to hold the answers to the debates that have been brewing in social media.

    A man of his age and his behaviors will have left a trail and I predict that the REAL TRUTH about ‘Uncle Randy’ will be uncovered shortly.

    It’s time.


  12. Nicholas poore says:

    If randy is so great why did all the wrestlers try to not get stuck alone with him so he wouldn’t try to rub them down? Why would he buy kids beer? Why did he help friends of mine(who I’ve made fun of for years) skip school? I was at a party once and he came in. all I saw was a cop uniform so I got scared at first but before I could even run he was already grabbing kids and smiling and joining the under age binge – fest that was going on while some ones parents were gone. Randy sehl has been one of the biggest jokes in Bedford for 20 years and I can’t wait till all the truth comes out! Welcome out of the closet Randy… uncomfortable isn’t it!


    • Don John says:

      Whoa there pal! now you’re making accusation about sexual assault??? I wrestled and lifted with Randy and non of that was ever done. We got a lift in and stretched and that was that. if you weren’t there you don’t know shit so you need get your facts straight become you make accusations like that.


      • nicholas poore says:

        all of you supporters have your bias points of view. im simply stating what i’ve been told by people who used to try anything to dodge his creepy rub downs whether it be during wrestling or after or even up at the cottage while skipping school and supplying little boys with beer!


  13. Nicholas poore says:

    Penn state has much higher test scores than any Bedford student and they let someone slide under their nose for 20+ years so why is this so crazy?? He’s on video breaking the law people…the exact thing he’s been paid and sworn to prevent!


  14. Hermione says:

    This is eerily similar to The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore by Rita Skeeter. I stuck with Dumbledore and I will stick with Randy. That is all.


  15. Nicholas poore says:

    Why are all of you idiots supporting a man who broke into a school with a kid to help him cheat and steal while currently employed by a school system to set an example? Any and all of you I welcome your rationale. ..


    • Don John says:

      He never broke into anything you baboon. he was given permission to be in the school as night security. No one know exactly what happened inside those classrooms. There is not one class room or office in that building with a camera inside of it.


  16. Kim says:

    He’s more into “looking cool” rather than helping out. When I was being abused by my father in high school (Bedford), I looked to him for help all I ever got was a “Oh I can’t do anything about that.” or never believing me. I ended up having to call 911 when I ended up being in imminent danger. Oh but when it comes to partying and working out with high school kids, it’s all the time in the world! Yeah.. get him out so the kids that need the officers can actually help them. You know, do their job.


  17. Bobby Sehl says:

    Hey Randy is my cousin and I’ve known him for 6 years.


  18. bedford 1991 says:

    Randy used to pull kids over. Confiscate beer, then give it to kids he was hanging with.(1990) Ask Randy Krupp….who ended working with him as a deputy. Kinda odd. Can’t believe this has been going on for over 20 years. I am guessing he is one of two people.#1 a big kid that never grew up or 2# a sexual predator.This entire thing is very unsettling. Too many people know him. The truth will come out. BTW Defending him with violence doesn’t help his cause. Kinda makes you think there is something to be found.


  19. Bobby Sehl says:

    Sweaty butt love.


  20. Jean Stewart says:

    Why don’t the people of Bedford township, just let the police do there job and keep all of your negitive comments to your self it sounds like this is some kind of a witch hunt, and remember everyone is innocent till PROVEN guilty.


  21. Bedford alum says:

    Patience my friends… The truth will come out. It always does.


  22. Scott55555@gmail.com says:

    The majority of you know absolutely nothing about this. Most of you do not even know Randy Sehl personally or well enough to comment, and most of you have the grammar skills of a 10 year old. I’m sorry, but I can not begin to even try to listen to your bull shit and attention seeking comments when your grammar is so atrocious. Ya the guy probably wasn’t perfect, but he was and is a guy that treats everyone exceptionally well. Whether or not he helped the kid cheat, I can not say cause I know no facts regarding that. But he had permission to be in the school at night, that he can not be held accountable for. Keep it to facts only and to people who actually have any clue of who the guy is and was.


  23. Mrs. Francis says:

    Taking a underage boy into a closed school at 11:00 at night is not normal. Hopefully Mr. Sehl has legitimate reason for doing this but I don’t know what it possibly could be. I hope this doesn’t turn into another Jerry Sandusky debacle!


  24. rose says:

    I’m just a Bedford mom, not a brain surgeon or anything grand, but even I know that this one does not add up. My children are all almost grown and last one leaving BHS soon. For eight years they have all named this officer as a creep toward the boys. The guys who would come around our home all said he offered more than friendship. Each time I heard from different boys, in different graduating classes, with different circles of friends say the same thing, I told myself to sit down and write to the school. I am ashamed to say I did not, mainly because Bedford School officials always back their own, something to do with keeping the budget from being thrown off kilter by legal fees I assume.

    Don’t be fooled good people, I too wear rose colored glasses too often. And Bedford school officials, it is long time over due that you have instructional training for your employees about sexual harassment, and what constitutes crossing the line. No more passes & lollipops, for yoga pants and pictures, and isn’t about time a female teacher take over GQ? We parents hear it all from our daughters, and you look foolish for allowing it to happen under your noses. We might not have said anything to you, but our children share it all at the dinner table…


    • Mr. Kleanhands says:

      The fact that this occurred is not the shocking part. The shocking part has to do with the fact that so many people on this post have heard about these actions from this one individual and didn’t pursue this until justice was served. I’ve also heard from multiple sources that there is a principal in the district that is a complete creep to middle school girls.

      So come on Bedford parents! Stand up for your kids. Stand up for them. Why does everyone sit back and wait for something really bad to happen instead of questioning authority?

      The School Board, the superintendent, the AD, and you the parents are all responsible for keeping these secrets and not exposing the truth. Social Media is a power tool. If you can’t resolve these issues by going to the School Board or the police, use Social Media to expose these truths once and for all.

      Make and force them to do their job.


      Mr. Mark Cleanhands


      • Observant Parent says:

        If you’ve heard about the principal being innapropriate towards young girls and did nothing about it, then aren’t you also guilty for doing nothing?


  25. Andy Lee says:

    Fletcher Murdock I would like to know what you are basing your ignorant statements on? It sure sounds to me that you are into being judgemental which makes you white trash(2 words).Obese,drug addicted mongoloid and if you don’t like Bedford get theF*&^ out.You are a bigger part of the problem than anyone because you think that you are different than the rest of the community.Which makes you more ignorant than anyone here that I know,,,YOU CAN JUST LEAVE AND PRETEND YOU ARE BETTER THAN ANYONE BY GETTING OUT………….


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