A Tale of Two Magazine Covers: Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

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As the world is buzzing about Kim Kardashian’s photo shoot and cover for Paper Magazine— another magazine shows a stark contrast in two very famous women.

Photo by Sarah barlow

Photo by Sarah barlow

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine just released their latest issue with an uncomfortably closeup picture of Taylor Swift.  Now this cover of course won’t generate the controversy of Mrs. Kardashian-West, but it does define the very difference between two of the most famous women of this generation.

Taylor Swift’s latest pop album 1989, sold more copies in the first week than any other record since 2002.  1989’s two-week total is close to 1.7M copies sold.  Swift is the only musical act to have THREE million-selling weeks.  She also just announced another World Tour.

Not to be outdone, Kim Kardashian’s mobile app game made over $43M in just THREE MONTHS, pushing the total close to $200M in generated monies for the year.  Kardashian stands to make near $85M from the app alone.

The contrast of the two very different magazine covers, show perfectly what separates these two women… talent.

Taylor Swift’s rise to fame was based on her ability to sing, perform, write songs and relate to a key demographic– while Kim Kardashian’s rise came from a sex tape, reality shows,  and the tabloids.

Both magazine covers do an incredible job at displaying what brands the two women are selling… one is her selling her mind, while the other seems to be selling her ass.


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2 comments on “A Tale of Two Magazine Covers: Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift
  1. Bill Pavuk says:

    I remember when the “war on terror” was getting started a decade or so ago and there was a lot of talk about other parts of the world hating us for our freedoms, for our democracy, that they resent our success and achievement. I think that’s nonsense. If they were going to hate a country for that, there’s others to go after. I think they resent and dislike us for the selfish, shallow, ignorant outlook that we often have on the world as a whole, and Kim Kardashian and her ilk are the poster children for that. When I see images like this one, and worse yet see millions flock to it and trip over themselves to reward her for being such a thoughtless, vacuous, unproductive human being, I understand why there are nations that are willing to take up arms against the notion of America bringing its “way of life” to their land.


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