The Beauty and Progress in the word “F***hole”

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Here’s a little insight of how beautiful of a gift it is having a son that is 1 in 68.

My 14 year-old son hates reading, unless it is factual like those Guinness World Record Books or baseball related.

However, he has always loved writing a story…

Before I ever had a word published in the Toledo Free Press, we noticed his love of writing long stories. He did not care about the storyline, he was more interested in the amount of pages. This evolved into his obsession of him writing and making books.

A couple of years ago for Christmas– we bought him an obscene amount of blank hardcover bound books. He filled every single one within weeks, never editing a single word and was filled with a little pride with every page and book he created.

One of the biggest inspirations in his life was the Diary of a Wimp Kid books. Wimpy Kid was the first fiction book he read in its entirety, laughing the entire time.

I knew he we were onto something. We had a similar breakthrough when he was almost two years old. We knew he was delayed in speech, communication was hard.

My biggest fear was he was going to be different– be horribly picked on in school.

Then it happened.

While watching a episode of the Simpsons… he laughed. This was not a giggle or chuckle, but full-on laughter. There’s a scene where Maggie shoots Homer with a nail gun, pinning his body against a wall– that’s all it took. I kept replaying the moment over and over on the TV and his laughter grew into tears… for him first.. then for me.

I found out my boy understood funny.

After he read the first Diary book– out of nowhere he started to draw and copy the characters.

His love of cartoon, The Simpsons, drawing and making books is now all starting to come together.

Recently he wanted another blank book, it has been a couple of years since he had one.

Since Friday–I’ve discovered he’s created and drawn fifty pages of funny. It’s not all home runs, but he has me laughing. He still doesn’t care about spelling or the occasional missing word, but his story is moving with likeable characters. Your guess is as good as his as to how this specific book will end, but it’s moving forward.

Here are two pages from his book that I am sharing with you and the world.

You can now see what a gift it can be… that on top of everything else you can see the West Side in his genes. My son created his own swear word. (F***hole)

I should be mortified, most parents would be… But I am not. Brady is working on his 10,000 hours.

For the first time in his life I can see a future.

I am not even ambitious enough to tackle one book.. He’s tackled and made 50.

A diagnosis is just a medical term– find and see the beauty in these gifted brains.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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