The Girl Who Dreamed of Being a Pickle for Halloween

Written by: Kayla Sykes

I think it’s funny how the innocent mind of a child works. Their dreams, wishes, and experiments are character building at its finest. With every dream they have another story to tell, a picture to draw, or a character to play. Their wishes stem from moments in their life, tiny moments that we tend to look past, but they for some reason hold onto.  Sometimes their wishes are ridiculous, and as parents we sometimes have the role of giving them a tiny dose of reality.

I’ve never told anyone this, but I once wished one of my aunts lived up my nose. I remember looking at a shooting star wishing out loud that she would live up my nose. When my mom questioned me, I responded how any 4 year old wishing someone lived up their nose would. I just wanted to pick her out to play with her whenever I wanted. The living quarters of my nose were a perfectly reasonable request, or so I thought. My mom told me that people cannot live up noses, and with her reassuring comfort of inviting Aunt Shannon over, my tiny little heart was crushed.

Watching a child’s dream come true is a difficult process when you’re not entirely in favor of their dream, much like my mother for me. Sometimes their dreams are silly, and that’s why we call them dreams. Taking a dog to school, swimming in the holy water at church, climbing on Papa’s shoulders to reach a star, holding a goldfish, and using a butcher knife to cut her own apple are some of the dreams my daughter has had. And there was also the dream of being a pickle.

A pickle? You cannot be a pickle, Elliette. 
And then Halloween came around.

I want to be a pickle for Halloween!
You can read my original story here:

During a trip to Joanne Fabrics we found my Grandmother pushing around a shopping cart filled with dreams. It was filled with green fabric and intention of making a pickle for her only Great Grand Child. A simple project, that wasn’t that big of a deal. Her simple request was only to be a pickle. She wasn’t wishing a home to be built inside of a nose, like other green dreams immediately related to her. And with the confirmation of a loving Grandma, Elliette stood proud and confident when she told anyone that came in contact with her, that this Halloween… she would be a pickle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.36.56 AM

Elliette telling a stranger she would be a pickle for Halloween

My mom invited me to a Halloween party. I was planning on attending in normal attire, with a pickle on the side. Until one day while at my Grandma’s; my mom asked her to make a tube of toothpaste for her for the party. I panicked. I needed a costume. I’m pretty good at making a tutu, but I was attending the party with Colgate and Tony. I needed something better than tulle scraps. And Tony and Colgate had my Grandma’s sewing room pretty tied up. That’s when it clicked. If Elliette was going to be a pickle, I would be a jar of pickles, a jar of my favorite pickles.
I immediately got to work.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.37.07 AM

Elliette was SO excited. She was so thrilled that I was finally on board with her pickle dreams. But that’s all I was. Just a board. The truth is, I had no idea what to do next. So I put everything away, and decided to give it a rest.

Saturday morning, Elliette had a Halloween event at her preschool. She had finally gotten her costume back from my Grandma, and was fed up with being drug through thrift stores and craft stores. This was the day she was finally able to wear her pickle costume, and so off we went for the pickle to make a debut. She was over the moon. On the way to the toddler party she belted out a song that she made up the night before. Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.37.18 AM

My costume wasn’t finished yet, so I arrived in normal attire. Elliette cruised the gym in style. Everyone that approached her looked at her curiously. But she just smiled and looked up with her big blue eyes, without a care in the world. “I’m a pickle!” she shouted before she ran away.

As I sat back watching this little green blob do the monster mash, I smiled. My heart was so huge, knowing her silly dream had finally come true. I tried to take this dream away from her, because I thought it was ridiculous. I sat back at a table watching my pickle jump and laugh when I looked over to see a lady pointing in the direction of the happiest pickle in the world. I overheard her say “why would her mom make her be a pickle for Halloween?”
My heart froze, and my cheeks were red. This lady had no idea that the pickles mom was an earshot away. She also had absolutely no idea how much I begged that pickle to be anything but a pickle. She is a pickle because she wants to be a pickle. She is a pickle because this toddler party certainly didn’t need a 25th Elsa. And who are you, the boss of Halloween costumes? Leave my pickle alone! I was bitter… much like a pickle. I knew I had to return home and finish my costume. We had a party to attend later, and I wasn’t going to let Elliette catch on to curious looks, and judgy adults. Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.37.31 AM

After hayrides, games, and hours spent in the bouncy house, every single cute kid in their dreamt up Halloween costume stood before an audience of onlookers. The audience was instructed to clap the loudest for the best costume. Elliette was the last one in line, waiting anxiously with a giant smile on her face. When they got to her she jumped up and down, and the claps grew louder. Elliette’s dream had come to life, and she was awarded a plastic skeleton trophy and a bucket filled with candy. The trophy said “best costume”. And that she was. She told me she never wanted to leave. Why would she? She was living her own dream. Her dream of being a pickle. Her dream that I almost took away. Her dream that was mocked by a stranger previously in the day. This was the award for dreams, and she deserved every bit of glory that came her way.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.37.45 AM

Children have funny imaginations. With every dream they have another story to tell, a costume to wear, and sometimes, a trophy to display. Their wishes stem from moments in their life, tiny moments that are created by the crunchy taste of a pickle.  Sometimes their wishes are so ridiculous, that we are the only ones that are able to give them a night full of dreams. The dream of being a pickle will never be forgotten. Certainly not by Elliette, and definitely not by this pickle mama.

I have been inspired by a pickle. I have been inspired to let imagination have less limits, and dreams to play out in reality more often…before all of the imagination grows up and walks away.Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.37.55 AM


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3 comments on “The Girl Who Dreamed of Being a Pickle for Halloween
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  2. Summer says:

    Love this story!!!!!


  3. Tracy Storer says:

    Love it! I really love the originality of her name, too.


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