Rokicki: #DearSergio Continued

Written by: Nick Rokicki

I’ve gotta apologize to Jeremy and the readers of iheartglasscity. Here I am, a contributor to this site that works at Jeep and I haven’t weighed in on the whole Jeep Wrangler thing. My excuse? I’ve been working. A lot. Like 60-68 hours a week. At Jeep. But, I wanted to contribute to #DearSergio… so here goes nothing.

Dear Sergio,

There is a world where people don’t just let things happen. They make them happen. They don’t check their dreams at the door. They get involved. They take risks. They leave a mark. It is a world where every new day and every new challenge brings the opportunity to craft a better future.

The people who live there never live the same day twice, because they know there is always something that can be done better. That exceptional world belongs to those people as much as they belong to it. They bring it to life with their hard work, shape it with their talent and stamp it indelibly with their values.

It may not be a perfect world, and it certainly is not easy. No one sits on the sidelines, and the pace can be furious, because the people are passionate – intensely passionate – about what they do. Those who choose to live there believe that taking responsibility gives deeper meaning to their jobs and their lives.

Welcome to that world.

Welcome to Toledo.

Nick Rokicki

I was hired at Chrysler in 2013. Upon completing orientation, new employees received the following email from Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne:

Sergio Letter
So, you can obviously see what I did there. Everything Sergio wrote about Chrysler and the people that make the company, stands true for Toledo and the people that make this City.

I printed that email and hung it on the wall in my home office. I wanted a daily reminder of the kind of company I was working for. I didn’t want to disappoint the boss— and I surely didn’t want him to disappoint me.

With yesterday’s news that Wrangler production will possibly be staying in Toledo, it appears that Mr. Marchionne is willing to give us the chance to continue to build the Wrangler and bring it to life with our hard work, shape it with our talent and stamp it indelibly with our values.


This poster is from the 90’s… and it still holds true.




Nick Rokicki is author of Children's Books including Pete the Popcorn, Casey and Callie Cupcake and Gilbert the Grasshopper. Upcoming projects include The Nutty Hootenanny. To learn more, visit

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