Cancel the “Drama” Class #StopBullying #StartLoving #StandUp

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Kayla Meeker: 1998-2014

Yesterday, the Anthony Wayne School District released a statement about an incident that occurred that involved an unspecified threat against students, staff etc.

I have learned that a High School student allegedly emailed vague threats to a “Hit List” of fellow classmates at Anthony Wayne High School.   The word “Purge” allegedly was used by this child.  I will not give names, age, grade nor sex of the person who allegedly created this threat.  

General-2CThe AWS district acted immediate, called the police and began notifying the High School Parents, even released a statement on their website.

I have also discovered that the student who made the threats, may have been a victim of bullying.  After Kayla Meeker’s death, this very person just recently started various social media pages dedicated to “Standing Up” against bullying.

The student used my words, “#StandUpForKayla “ as inspiration and the basis for a support page against bullying.

It appears that the bullied has now become the bully.  It breaks my heart for all involved, those who received the threat and the person who made it.

These types of acts are a cry for help, and I hope the person finally gets what they have been needing. Help.

I’m satisfied with how the AWS district handled this incident.  Too bad, things weren’t handled differently in the past.

It will take a while to sort out who are the bullies and who’ve been the victims.  This time it may be one in the same.

To My Fellow Parents:

Teach your child to love first- love themselves, love others, love their ‘enemies’.  Try to inspire them to see how other shoes are to walk in, before judging.   They may make jokes today about fellow students, but tomorrow the jokes might be about them.

If your house is filled with “drama”… your children will take that learned behavior with them in life- to school, to relationships and to work.  “Drama” from up-and-down relationships,  Baby Daddy/Baby Mama to conflict with friends, family or co-workers, will be the language your child learns how to speak and live.  We must try our best to remove that tension from our households.

Fill your house with love, life, the arts and charity.  Show your children the beauty in humanity and remove as much ugly as humanly possible.

Give your child a chance at something healthy and loving,  cancel the “drama” lessons.

Tell them… “If you want to be beautiful, feel beautiful, look beautiful–  do beautiful things”


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3 comments on “Cancel the “Drama” Class #StopBullying #StartLoving #StandUp
  1. This is how it happens, Jeremy. A school district that accepts bullying by ignoring it creates more bullying. The students very quickly see that they are in an environment of “bully or be bullied.”


  2. Lily says:

    I am honestly getting pretty tired of your constant beratement of AWHS…


  3. V says:

    pretty much… its high school. either you are bullying someone or being bullied then when you give the bullied confidence, swap roles… forcing these kids to act like adults is probably asking way too much of them, at least with these kids now a days.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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