My Pickle Princess

Written by: Kayla Sykes


There is something beautiful about the fall, it has always been my favorite. It is such a beautiful season that represents life so well. In Northwest Ohio, fall is something you can count on. The change however, is always unpredictably beautiful. The beauty in the silent change could be missed if you weren’t paying attention. If you don’t look now, it will be gone. The reds, the oranges, the vibrancy in quiet change. Fall is like a toddler.

I have spent four falls as a mother, and each fall the change of scenery and weather change with her growth. As her knowledge expands, the leaves change a deeper red. As her humor expands, the yellow falls to your toes. Independence comes out of nowhere, like the unexpected crunch of fall beneath your toes. The words privacy during bathroom breaks, and demands of certain unmatched clothing during dressing time whirl around like the breeze. And in the breeze, Halloween creeps up. Unmasked request before the night of costumes. Vibrant colors and imagination grow with excitement for candy.


The other day we were sitting in her bedroom playing “home”, which is her spin on the imaginary game of house I was convinced I invented at her age. Recently she is always Kayla, the Mom. And I am Ellie, the honey. As I was sitting around being sticky cute as honey, she was prancing around in plastic high heels and lipstick, bossing me around. She eventually pulled out some Halloween decorations and told me that she wanted to be a pickle for Halloween. I was pretty sure I heard that wrong. I envisioned a homemade tutu and glitter. Lots of glitter. I was hoping that she was taking the roll of Kayla the mom, to a new level. My time spent living outside of Toledo was a desperate time in my life. I missed Tony Packo Pickles. During this time, my friend Emily sent me pictures of Tony Packo Pickles, in her crazy attempt to get me to move home. She knew I loved pickles, and she once considered mailing my favorite local pickles to Texas. Sure, I love to eat pickles… but I would never wear one.

image3“A princess?” I said, hoping my hearing needed to be checked.
And then she cleared her throat.
“No, Mom. I want to be a pickle.”
“A pickle? Like… a pickle that you eat?”
“Yes! I want to be a pickle for Halloween, I love them so much.”

A PICKLE?! What kind of costume is that?! Do they even make pickles? And WHY does she want to be a pickle?!
I was convinced I could change her mind. A princess, a dog, a ladybug. Anything but a pickle. But she stood firm on being a pickle. I tried to compromise. If she wanted to be food, maybe she could be a bottle of ketchup, and our wiener dog could be a hot dog. That would be funny.

But I was arguing with the girl who chooses tarantula videos, over princess videos. I was arguing with a toddler who is changing faster than the seasons. This is the girl who just wanted to be a pickle.

Like fall, she was changing. As her independence grew, I found myself in a pickle. Where was I going to find a pickle costume? Google image was showing green jump suits for 40 dollars, and the added word of princess made it worse. That girl from Jersey Shore was once a pickle princess. In a desperate attempt we went to JoAnne Fabrics. I thought I could convince her to be something else. JoAnne Fabrics had something bigger and better. In JoAnne Fabrics, we ran into my Grandma. My Grandma was pushing around a cart with green fabric already cut.

image4Elliette spotted her before I did, but her eyes were on something else. Elliette spotted the green fabric in Grandma’s cart. She squeezed her hands together, in one more plea for me to change my mind. “Grandma is going to make me a pickle, Mommy! Look at my pickle!!!”
And that’s where I spotted my Grandmother. Walking around JoAnne Fabrics in her fall attire that has been through so much change. My Grandma who has raised 12 kids, and has made plenty of homemade costumes over the last 49 years. My Grandma who was walking around a fabric store with ambition to please my changing child, my child who just wants to be a pickle for Halloween. She has walked around that same store to make many costume request before.  I am so excited to see the finished project.
So when life gives you pickles, just eat them… or wear them, I guess.




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