#SaveThePHCA Update: Day #11 One Man’s Con vs One Neighborhood’s Future

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Photo Courtesy of OurTownPerrysburg.com

Photo Courtesy of OurTownPerrysburg.com

Perrysburg Heights Community Center has been closed to the neighborhood for 11 days.  Director of Operations Harold “Jason” Craig is keeping a Community Center away from it’s community.

It appears the PHCA building once full of books, crayons, toys, video game systems and ping pong tables is now empty. It’s former contents are very much like Jason Craig’s comments.. MIA.  The once filled schedule of constant activities happening at the center is now but a single baton twirling group and a $20/an hour cash agreement. 

The Perrysburg Township has begun the legal process to evict the non-profit from the very building it built.  Concerned about it’s financial legitimacy, stability and transparency, the Township has chosen to end Mr. Craig’s era as self-appointed “Mayor” of The Heights.

This legal move has put in jeopardy the 20+ year-history of the center, it’s $350,000 endowment grant and it’s 501c3 status. If the PHCA loses it’s lease, the endowment award becomes null-and-void.

If it was Mr. Craig’s goal to drive The Heights into the ground for redevelopment, he is way ahead of schedule.

As elected officials are racing to raise concern and awareness about the happenings at the Center, I have to wonder if it is too late?

The Future of The Heights’ “Mayor”

After the damage is done and all the dust settles, a man’s name will be forever tied to the destruction of a once beautiful idea.  The very same beautiful idea that allowed him passage and acceptance on it’s board– in hopes of a noble heart.  Jason Craig was voted on the PHCA Board because it’s founders’ vision of it’s future was based on “diversity and inclusion”.

One man’s alleged greed has now stolen the humanity out of another man’s dream.

Mr. Craig has a problem, he might not even foresee coming. It’s a problem that will not go away– once the Attorney General learns a name, they don’t forget.  Google and publicity have become the #1 enemies of con men.


Lies and Taxes Owed

Have I stated that it’s been verified by the Ohio Lottery that Harold Jason Craig did not win the lottery? Mr. Craig was not telling the truth when he volunteered the often unsolicited conversation material of his “big winning” to the numerous people in-and-out of the PHCA Building. An Ohio Lottery Inspector has confirmed that Harold Jason Craig has not been a lucky man when it comes to winning the lottery.   His wife, Kristie Koester, won once earlier this year for $1500.. but I don’t believe that amount of money would be the kind of income one man could use as a bankroll to donate 4000 hours a year into running a nonprofit community center.

Also have I stated that Wood County’s Auditor has confirmed 11 of the Craig-Koester Heights-owned properties are $3615.99 back on taxes? I wonder with all of this attention being given..if the parcels have been pushed up to the top of the list to be auctioned off, the very way they were obtained?

That would be an auction iHeartGlassCity would promote in hopes of bringing numerous bidders.


501c3 Board Members Did You Knows

Did You Know:  Board members of a 501c3 can be held liable for issues like gross negligence and for bad things they didn’t take steps to prevent or eliminate.

Did You Know:  Board Members of a 501c3 can be held liable if the organization fails to ensure that the nonprofit deposits taxes (such as payroll and property taxes) or files necessary tax returns…or does something intentionally fraudulent, illegal, or clearly wrong-headed that causes harm, or co-mingles nonprofit and personal funds?

Hmm.. I wonder if Ohio Attorney General has learned the names of Jesse Spier from North Olmstead, OH, Dr. Steven Kramer, Retired Engineering Professor – UT (City of Perrysburg), Paul “Chico” Martinez and Wife Teresa Balderas-Martinez both from Adrian, MI, Amanda Williams-Becerra (Heights Resident), and Mary Ibarra-Ruiz from Toledo, OH ?

If I was a Board member and I was potentially liable for actions others have committed; I would hold an immediate Board meeting, you know that thing is you are suppose to do, and remove the keys and monies from the hands of Jason Craig by voting him off the board.  I would then immediately vote out Jason Craig’s wife and fellow Board Member Kristie Koester and your President Jesse Spier, with Spier being eliminated for lack of action and potential conflict of interest.  After the keys are reclaimed and persons removed, I would hire a lawyer and an auditor and make some calls to Columbus.


**UPDATE** iHeartGlassCity just received the following email from Walter Celley, Perrysburg Township Administrator

The attached Notice was sent by email to Jesse Spier and Jason Craig at 10:30 a.m. EST on September 11, 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.05.58 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.06.15 AM


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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