Swimming Pools, Bulldozers and 16 Parcels: The Fix Might Be in for the PHCA

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Here is a screenshot of the properties owned by Kristie Koester via Wood County Auditor's website. The PHCA Building is located directly at the top, middle.

Here is a screenshot of the properties owned by Kristie Koester via Wood County Auditor’s website. The PHCA Building is located directly at the top, middle.

As more questions are being asked than answered in regards to the OG BBQ Fest and with an increased focus on the Perrysburg Heights Community Association (PHCA), a potentially scarier picture is emerging.

IHeartGlassCity has asked the following question for the last 7 days. “Why would a nonprofit risk everything going into the concert business with a promoter recently convicted of felony fraud, when none of the national promised headline acts were not actually going to appear? Why wouldn’t the PHCA Board pull the plug? Why wouldn’t Festival Organizer & Director of Operations Jason Craig scrap the date?

Looking for some potential motives and following the clues given directly by Mr. Craig with his constant-boasting diatribes, we decided to do a little Googling.

Did you know– The area that surrounds the PHCA is commonly referred to as The Heights, and is the only under-developed section in all of Perrysburg proper? Additionally… they are just hundreds of feet from Levis Commons making the area choice for developers.

Did you know– Mr. Harold Jason Craig has been very vocal about the amount of properties that he owns in “The Heights”? From soliciting potential land contract deals on Facebook to sharing his dreams about the future of the PHCA and The heights during Board Meetings– “Jason” has always stated he owned a lot of land in the immediate neighborhood.

It turns out that “Jason” doesn’t technically own any property in The Heights.

Although “Jason” Craig tells everyone that he owns properties in The Heights, he doesn’t own a single one. At least none of them are legally listed in his name according to the Wood County Auditor’s website.

However Mr. Craig’s girlfriend/wife owns quite a few properties.

Her name is Kristie Koester and she has been legally connected to Mr. Craig since December of 2002. The couple was successfully sued in Lucas County Courts for $75,000 by a company called Lotto Express and a person named Markho Christine.

Since 2009, Ms. Koester, who also sits on the PHCA Board, has purchased/obtained SIXTEEN PARCELS of land all directly located in The Heights, with a total land value of $60,300.

According to various sources in real estate and politics; the main reason why The Heights have not been a victim of Eminent Domain and redevelopment is because of the Community Center– the exact place where Mr. Craig “volunteers 50 plus hours a week” while acting as the Director of Operations, and current home of the nonprofit organization where he also holds the title of Treasurer.

Did You Know– As a result of the failed promises to upkeep the Community Center building combined now the incredibly costly and failed OG BBQ Fest, with an estimated $35,000 or more in taxpayers dollars used for increased policing– There is buzz that Perrysburg Township Trustees might break and cancel the current 99 year-lease of the PHCA building.  The Trustees have the power to remove the 501c3 and do what what they seem fit with the current building and property.

The results from the Googling session give us a couple theories as to possible motives.

1) Running the PHCA organization into the ground:

If I owned 16 pieces of property in close proximity and the only thing that was stopping me from making money off my investments was a community center… why not try my best to run the center into the ground. Why not try to take control of the center, run it into the ground in a very public way in hopes the Trustees pulls the 99-year lease? ? Especially because it is widely known that the only thing keeping the land from being redeveloped… is the PHCA and the identity of The Heights residents.

Mr. Craig has told numerous people around the community center that “he plans on bulldozing the Heights and building an apartment complex”. This is a statement he’s made to fellow volunteers and former Board Members on several occasions. This man does not understand the phrase “keeping it on the down low”.

2) Expanding the PHCA into a mega complex with buying the surrounding parcels of land:

Mr. Craig has stated during past Board Meetings that he would love to see the PHCA grow in physical size. His vision included grossly expanding the complex to build a public swimming pool, additional buildings for various activities that could also be rented, and outside basketball courts.

So in theory, Mr. Craig would act as buyer, seller and treasurer for his own vision. It’s kind of brilliant, isn’t it?  It would cut down people attending closing the deal and signing the paperwork.

The PHCA’s future is in serious trouble and so are The Heights.

Who knew that a concert with failed promises of Naughty By Nature and Coolio would bring it’s drama to the front in time enough to be rescued?


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One comment on “Swimming Pools, Bulldozers and 16 Parcels: The Fix Might Be in for the PHCA
  1. Eli says:

    It has become obviously clear what the initial intent of Mr. Craig has been from the very beginning . His intent to fracture the stability of the PHCA by creating a financial crisis that it could not recover from has come to tuition. His next step would be to close it’s doors. Then make plans to profit from either obtaining the property for personal use and resale or simply allowing an associate to buy it . The time is now for those who will stand shoulder to shoulder and be righteous for those who cannot stand in defense of themselves. The very ones the PHCA was intended for ( The community)


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