OG Hip Hop Fest cost Taxpayers at least $25,000 #SaveThePHCA

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Photo Courtesy of 13ABC

Photo Courtesy of 13 ABC

When a man that runs a community center in a small neighborhood… tells the local Deputy Chief of Police that he’s throwing a concert fundraiser that will bring over 10,000 people, you bet the police will be there.

The Perrysburg Township Police Department with the help of numerous neighboring agencies were out in force anticipating the 10,000 plus concert-goers during Saturday’s OG BBQ Fest at the Perrysburg Heights Community Center.

Organizer Jason Craig promised Deputy Chief Mike Gilmore that he had personally contracted a security team out of Michigan that included 25 Private Security Officers at a rate of $26 per hour.

A surprising thing happened as the Security Team was also a no-show at the Festival. Jason Craig told Perrysburg Township Police Department that the reduced 10-man privately hired security staff were all involved in a car accident. iHeartGlassCity has been unable to verify any car accident involving 10 cars or 10 people during the morning of Saturday August 30th in the entire state of Michigan.

The hired 25-man security team was replaced by a five-member squad that worked directly for promoter Tim Corser. According to Gilmore, two of the men did an exceptional job checking concert-goers as they entered the grounds, two security members were seen collecting cash in the parking lot with the fifth being the head of the five-man security team.

During a pre-concert planning meeting between Organizer Jason Craig and Deputy Chief Mike Gilmore, the PHCA agreed to pay for thirty Perrysburg Township officers for the day, at a rate of $30 per hour. The rate was figured at a cost of $30 per hour because that is the cost to hire off-duty officers, commonly referred to as “project policing”.

The thirty officers worked from Noon to Midnight on Saturday creating a $10,800 bill for the center.

Deputy Chief Police Gilmore wanted to make sure every concert-goer was safe, especially with an expected 10,000 plus coming, so he enlisted the help of surrounding agencies for the day. Joining the PTPD were the Oregon SWAT team, six k–9 officers, and officers from Northwood, Owens Community College, Oak Harbor and Port Clinton PDs.

While all the police were patrolling the grounds during the festivities, the Wood County Sheriff’s Office had 3 Officers available to cover the 911 calls for the rest of Perrysburg Township.

Perrysburg Police Department had the majority of their Officers working a twelve-hour shift patrolling the streets.

The good news is that no one was arrested, there were no altercations and the police did an exceptional job with their presence and smiles. The bad news is that taxpayers are on the hook for the cost of the increased policing. Because the Festival happened on a Saturday, all the Officers received time-and-a-half in pay.

Deputy Chief Gilmore said the monies paid by the PHCA will be sent to the neighboring police departments to help offset the cost of the officers sent for the day.

Here is a estimated breakdown of the dollar amount that taxpayers will pay for PHCA Organizer Jason Craig’s failed “epic event”.

25 Perrysburg Township Police Officers
25 Perrysburg Police Officers (Outside Venue)
5 Various Police Chiefs
8 Oregon SWAT Officers
5 K–9 Units
3 Wood County Sheriffs (available to cover normal PTPD calls)
2 Northwood Police Officers
1 Owens Community College Officer
1 Oak Harbor Police Officer
1 Port Clinton Police Officer

76 Officers in Total
12 Hours Worked
912 Total Man Hours
$40 per hour (Average Time and a Half

Totaling $36,480

Minus the $10,800 amount agreed to be paid by the PHCA (Payment Police are not holding their breath for)

For a GRAND TOTAL of $25,680 or $36,480 (If PHCA fails to make payment)

(The above numbers are only a low estimate, the amount could be higher)

As interesting as this story’s been to follow with the fraudulent promises made by the concert promoters– there is a darker side that affects the taxpayers of Perrysburg and Wood County.

Although it’s not a criminal act by law, telling the local Police that 10,000 plus people are coming to a concert in a small neighborhood, promoted by obvious falsehoods and zero-signed contracts should be. The Police are not Judges, they must by law.. take the word of those they protect and serve. It’s not their duty to investigate the contracts of a concert promoter– but rather plan on the worst-case scenarios.

Organizer Jason Craig ignored fellow promoter Tim Corser’s pleas to cancel the OG BBQ Festival the prior Monday. According to Corser, Jason Craig threatened a lawsuit if he were to cancel the concert.

The worst part of this story is not the incredible amount of money lost in a promoting a fraudulent concert by the PHCA but the negative attention that’s being brought upon a Community Center that has purposefully served it’s neighborhood over the previous two decades. Attention that now risks the PHCA’s 501c3 and the $1 per-year lease agreement of the actual community center building owned by Perrysburg Township.

Why would a man risk so much and waste taxpayer monies on a concert he admitted was doomed three days before? Where are all the receipts from the tens of thousands of dollars of cash brought in on Saturday?

Where is the money?

More specifically… Where’s the cash?


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One comment on “OG Hip Hop Fest cost Taxpayers at least $25,000 #SaveThePHCA
  1. Gloria says:

    The last question in your article should have been: ……..and where is Jason Craig??
    He should also be asked why he deletes the comments or inquiries from the PHCA websites immediately after receiving them in an attempt to hide them from the public. The site is not his personally. He will deny it but he did it a year ago and he did it to people who wrote in demanding their money back after the failed event


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