An Open Letter to the Elected Officials of Wood County and Perrysburg Township. #StopTheOGFest

To the Elected Officials of Wood County and Perrysburg Township,

As you are aware there is a concert scheduled for this Saturday at the Perrysburg Community Heights Building called the OG BBQ Fest. I am writing you in hopes that you consider revoking the permits of this specific event due to the egregious and fraudulent nature for which it has been promoted and currently being planned.

It’s my understanding that when Organizer Jason Craig presented this event to you during a trustee meeting for a liquor permit, he explained it was just an additional day of PHCA’s Annual Latino Festival, which would raise some additional revenue for the association and it’s community center building. There was no mention that he and a local promoter were planning and currently booking an all-day concert that would feature over 60 acts.

When the OG BBQ Festival Concert was announced, the promoters stated that three national recording artists would be performing; Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Naughty By Nature and Coolio. According to an article in the Toledo Blade, and through my own reporting– it’s been uncovered that 2/3 of the promised national acts were never coming.. with one act never being contacted. The tickets have never been corrected and still state the fraudulently promised National Acts. The management team of BTNH even sent the promoters a Cease and Desist letter to remove their name from the event and for how they were promoting the show. The PHCA’s website is still promoting the originally never booked lineup.

The majority of this all-day concert will be performances by local artists, with over 90% of them who’s paid one of the promoters a fee of $300 or more to play this event. Each artist was then given enough tickets to sell to help cover their performance entry fee. People in the promoting industry state this is a normal practice.

Through various interviews I have conducted, I have uncovered another number– Over 10,000 free tickets have been printed and potentially given away to “paper the house”, which means to fill the venue with people to satisfy the artists performing. There are some that believe the number of free tickets given away is way greater– upwards of 80,000 and 100,000. Once again… with each ticket falsely claiming that Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Naughty By Nature and Coolio would be performing.


The PHCA Building/venue has very limited parking and this event will offer concert goers free transportation. People will be encouraged to park at Perrysburg High School, where a a busing service will provide transportation to and from the venue. The distance according to Google Maps is 1.9 miles, although Jason Craig has publicly stated it was 3/4 of a mile.

If you combine all of the above elements and throw them in a venue that contractually states the capacity is 5,000, with zero on-site parking, and alcohol being served all day… spells the recipe for a potential disaster.

Due to the fact the event hasn’t taken place, no crimes have been committed by the organizers. However, with the public’s best interest in mind, and that the second day permit was applied for and added under false pretenses– I would hope you would reconsider the authorization of the liquor permit for the second day only, Saturday August 30.

The promoters will likely scream “race” was a motivation in your rescinding of their permits, but let me assure you… the public will not. Our community is now learning about the false promises of the event and also the criminal history of one of the promoters. I know everyone deserves a second chance, but given the nature of what has transpired with this event and as to how the original felonies were committed, his past should be weighed into your consideration.

I would have hoped that Jason Craig from the non-profit PHCA would have seen the potential loss for his facility, his organization and cancel the event, but he is refusing. I would hope that the beer distributor would read about the promoter’s past felonies of bouncing checks to other beer distributors and reconsider selling the event any alcohol, but that has not yet happened.

With all the publicly known facts of what has transpired for this fundraiser for a non-profit community center in your township, I would think someone would have canceled the event in an effort to protect the very people it’s purpose is to serve.

The time is now to protect that neighborhood and community from two organizers and a board who will not. Please revoke the liquor permit for Saturday August 30th and let everyone walk away.


Jeremy Baumhower
Lover of Hip Hop, Perrysburg and it’s People.


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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