EXCLUSIVE: Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of Toledo’s Water Crisis #ToledoTough

EDITOR’S NOTE:  iHeartGlassCity has the images of what was happening in Toledo’s 911 Command Center during the 50-Hour water crisis. 

The following images were captured by Toledo District 6 City Councilwoman Lindsay Webb. This is a chronological-visual timeline of what transpired in the 911 Command Center as our elected body was trying to handle, understand and fix a water crisis. 

These pictures and commentary are something you will only see here.


The following images are in chronological order and begin after Toledo City Councilwoman Lindsay Webb arrives and decides to document  some of the behind-the-scenes moments with her phone.  She tells us, “By the time I arrived at the 911 Center, I had already been awake for hours, answering questions on Facebook. I started taking these pictures because I realized I was in the “war room”, but I released them because I wanted our community to know what it looked like behind the doors of the 911 building.”


(L to R: Chief of Staff Bob Reinbolt, Commissioner Tina Skeldon-Wozniak, Dr. David Grossman, Mayor D. Michael Collins, Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson, Acting Deputy Chief Richard Syroka, and Chief Luis Santiago.)

Early Saturday Morning: This is the first picture from Saturday morning. We were gathering to conference with the Governor. It was the first of many calls through out the day and night with the Governor and his team, which included chiefs from OEMA, OEPA, National Guard, ODH etc.



(L to R: Dr. David Grossman, Larry Vasko, Chief of Staff Bob Reinbolt, Council President Paula Hicks-Hudson and Acting Deputy Chief Richard Syroka.)

Early Saturday Morning:  The first decision by Dr. Grossman: “healthy adults can wash their hands and shower, but children cannot.”



Mid-Morning Saturday: Mayor Collins, Sheriff John Tharp, Commissioner Skledon-Wozniak, TPS Superintendent Romulus Durant and Dr. Grossman update Governor John Kasich and his executive team on a conference call.  At this point, we are making plans to get the samples to the U.P. and Cincinnati via helicopter and plane.



Pictured: The Mayor, TPS Superintendent Romulus Durant and Congressman Bob Latta (yellow shirt) and Sheriff Tharp.

Mid Day Saturday: We are joined by Senator Rob Portman and Congressman Bob Latta. Again, on the phone with the Governor, we discussed the causes of the algal bloom, legislation impacting the Great Lakes, and emergency water distribution.



Pictured: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Senator Rob Portman, Commissioner Tina Skeldon-Wozniak, Mayor of Whitehouse Angela Kuhn, Sheriff John Tharp, and Mayor D. Michael Collins.




Mid Day Saturday Afternoon: In another part of the center, Asst. Chief of Staff Joel Mazur, Commissioner Don Moline, Tom Kovacik & Mayor Collins on the phone with Ohio EPA.


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.26.07 AM

Saturday Afternoon: County Auditor Lopez and Peter Ujavgi listen in on a call with the Ohio EPA.



Pictured: Joel Mazur, Dr. David Grossman, Mayor Collins and Don Moline.

Saturday Evening: The Mayor on the phone with the Ohio EPA.


It was quite apparent by 11:00 pm that the city would have no answer to the water crisis on Saturday night.


Sunday Morning: As we gather for our first briefing, Mayor Collins tries to smile.



Sunday Morning: Chief Santiago briefs the elected officials about the water distribution plans for the day, Sheriff Tharp listens.


Sunday Afternoon: We learned that the Governor is flying to Toledo.

The following pictures are shortly before or during the meeting with Governor.


Pictured: Joel Mazur, Deputy Asst. Chief George Kral and Chief Moton from the Toledo Police Department.




Sunday Afternoon While Waiting on Gov.: Teresa Fedor talks to Senator Portman’s staffer and Ohio State Senator Randy Gardner, Eric Zdogzinski from the Health Dept. takes a breath as the combination of stress and fatigue starts to set in.



Sunday’s Governor’s visit: Governor John Kasich, Dr. Grossman, an unnamed member of the Ohio EPA and Mayor Michael Collins review maps with test results.



Sunday’s Governor visit: Governor John Kasich listening to Mayor Michael Collins as he talks about the need to address the factors causing the algal blooms.



Late Sunday night: Matt Cherry checks the District 2’s Facebook page.



Late Sunday Night:  The Ohio National Guard was present in every meeting.


We waited until after 3:00am for test results and two locations: Point Place and East Toledo were too close for comfort.  The Mayor order another set of tests in those neighborhoods with the hope that we would be able to end the advisory in the morning.


Monday Morning: Mayor Michael Collins addresses the media announcing the “all clear” and drinking a glass of tap water.


Webb says that she hopes that these pictures will help restore the expectation of non-partisanship in a time of crisis and renew confidence in local government. She also wants to thank some of the other officials that were in attendance, but not pictured: County Commissioner Pete Gerken, Councilman Tyrone Riley, Councilman Larry Sykes and Councilman Steve Steel.

Of the experience over the weekend she said, “We will never forget what we went through as community and we must be #ToledoTough for our Great Lake Erie.”


****Attention Editors and Members of the Media: Please contact jeremytheproducer@icloud.com to use the the photographs and or their descriptions for a news story***


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