Put-in-Bay called “Roofie Island” by Cleveland Publication

Photo Courtesy of Visitputinbay.org

Photo Courtesy of Visitputinbay.org

In a scathing new report, Clevescene.com has called local tourist attraction Put-in-Bay…. “Roofie Island”

From Clevescene.com

Roofie Island: A Summer of Reported Druggings and Rapes on Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie’s Party Destination

Written by Doug Brown

It’s noon on Thursday and Put-In-Bay is being invaded with bachelor and bachelorette parties and folks looking to spin away from regular life with a little help from the bottle. It’s about to be Christmas in July — the island’s busiest weekend — and the hordes are starting to arrive for a few days of good drinking.

Four 20-something guys from western Michigan just stepped off the ferry and on to Put-In-Bay for the first time, heading down the tiny island’s bar-lined main street. They’re following their buddy to the hotel where they’ll all jam into one room to sleep — pass out, really — for the next three nights. Each guy lugs the essentials: two of them have Busch Light cases resting on top of their rolling suitcases, one’s carrying a Coors Light case by the flimsy cardboard handle, another’s hauling a big red cooler.

“It’s that asshole in the blue’s bachelor party,” jokes one of them, pointing to the guy across the street.

When asked what their plans are, he responds, “You’re looking at them.” The group laughs, eyeing the booze. “We’re going to make some bad decisions.”

They might be chatty later, but right now they don’t feel much like talking to a writer. “I’m sober right now, so there’s a problem,” says the guy with the chinstrap beard.

Minutes later, three late-20-something women from Pittsburgh are standing at the same spot on the bustling street, also first timers here. They’re lost — sunglasses and sandals on, bags around their shoulders, suitcases and booze in hand — unsuccessfully trying to locate the hotel they booked months ago so they can kick off the weekend.

“We heard about Put-In-Bay from other people who like to drink a lot,” jokes Kristen, explaining they have no idea what Christmas in July really entails, but it’s why they’re here for the next three days. The ends of a beer bong are popping out of her duffle bag, but she doesn’t seem to mind.




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4 comments on “Put-in-Bay called “Roofie Island” by Cleveland Publication
  1. Tony says:

    Great article….it’s about time someone exposed the crooked cops and bar owners that allow this to happen…. PIB is in the party business, making big money serving underage drinkers, issuing fines for minor tickets and Helicoptering people off the island for big profits…. It’s been like this since the late 60’s, so it’s sad that your story will fall on deaf ears….it will continue to be party central for years to come and there is nothing you or I or the liquor control of Ohio can do about it….alcohol is big business out there and you are never gonna stop that.
    Nobody cares….. just look how many comments are posted below, see what I mean?


  2. John Nusbaum Jr. says:

    Very well written article, Jeremy. I’ve been going to PIB for many years, as a young man, and into my grandparent years. Most recently I spent a week with my mid-seventies in-laws..I’ve also spent numerous nights and days with my adult children, renting homes off the beaten paths of island. There are great times to be had, for all ages.. Who of us are not people-watchers ? All of my visits also included alcohol, good food, motoring the streets(15mph), and partaking in other interesting activities, other than the swim-up bars and binge drinking.! I’ve seen some great entertaining in the clubs, some by pro’s(musicians), and more by amateurs(young drinkers), who really can’t realize that indulging until you can’t “remember”, isn’t fun, is it really!?? This article is right on the money, very little policing is one of the reasons many go to the island. I truly enjoyed this read, I’ve seen much of it first hand, but never realized the tragedy that may be lurking in the “fun” for the young ladies.. “BEWARE” should be on the sign right next to ” ENJOY YOUR STAY” on the Island!! Keep up the great work Jeremy !!


  3. Angie C says:

    This was very informational, Jeremy, and I appreciate it. As I posted on your wall, there are so many good things about the island, it is incredibly sad it has gotten as bad as it is and that it appears that so little is being done about it. I will definitely be sharing this. And as for the comments below…you just posted it today and it is still just before 10:30am


  4. […] Put-in-Bay called “Roofie Island” by Cleveland Publication […]


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