Baumhower: Unmasking Toledo’s Biggest Bully #ToledoIsBeautiful

Proudly Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

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The City of Toledo is at a turning point; it’s future is completely in the air. We are battling numerous factors including a steady decline in our economy, a fleeing population, an image problem and an overbearing print media, to name a few.

What Toledo doesn’t need… is to be bullied; especially by one of our own residents.

I launched the #ToledoIsBeautiful Challenge as a way to counter The Blade’s investigative series on blight. My concern was and currently is that anyone who googles “Toledo” will have a hard time finding anything positive about the city, especially if they were to search on YouTube. The Blade has been documenting a local person’s YouTube Channel who’s numerous videos all expose Toledo’s ugly.

Here was a video submitted for #ToledoIsBeautiful

I refused to name the YouTuber because I didn’t want to further promote his videos, but that all is about to change.

Yesterday, EconCat88, took 5 hours of my life as I was hooked on viewing the continual train wreck he calls his YouTube channel. I couldn’t turn off the insanity, it was like the worst Netflix binge-watching of all time. Video-after-video bombarded my emotions with embarrassment, disgust, confusion, curiosity and eventually anger. I could not believe a man would dedicate so much time tearing down the city he was raised and currently resides in.

I was disgusted with myself for even watching. I was embarrassed to see his channel has over 2,400 subscribers, with some videos having been viewed over 37,000 times. If you search “Toledo Ohio” on YouTube, 9 of his videos are featured on the front page, out of a possible 20. He has over 140 videos on Toledo, all with one mission in mind; to embarrass this city.

Econcat88’s POV style videos exclusively show Toledo at it’s worst. Accompanying the constant visual of blight is a soundtrack of newstalk radio inspired insanity. He complains about the the murals, dog parks, bike lanes, Marcy Kaptur and Lindsay Webb, sound familiar? He loves using verbiage such as, “Toledo’s propaganda machine”, “Boondoggle” and calling Toledo “Groundzero of the Economic collapse,”.

In one video, he even calls the Toledo Mud Hens a “pig”, while accusing them of fudging attendance numbers.

Econcat88 offers no solution to any problem at any time during any video. His only remedy is to vote out all politicians, vote against all tax levies and cut funding for the arts. According to his videos he seems to be an expert in many things including economic planning, city management, the decline of college enrollment, landlord agreements, real estate, the art of counting people, minor league baseball, flowers, the history of bars in North Toledo and countless other things. Don’t believe me… just watch any of his random videos, make sure your firmly seated as he will blow your mind and be ready to be surprised as to what field his expertise covers over the next 10 to 20 minutes of your life. I am surprised he has evaded the University of Toledo’s faculty recruiting department for this long.

This man and his negative views of our home, are dominating one of the most visited websites in the world today.

EconCat88 is Toledo’s biggest bully and #1 enemy number.

The part that bothers me the most is he’s doing all this damage anonymously; he is cowardly hiding behind a screen name.

He won’t be able to for much longer.

I am perfectly fine with people being anonymous on the internet. I understand that many good things come from unnamed sources. What I am not OK with is a man who is asking for subscribers on YouTube, making monies off the views of his videos, who’s only mission is to tear down a place I call home. He loves to call people like me a “homer”; those who are proud of where they live.

There are some who may believe that EconCat88 is an internet troll, a person who is being negative by design to evoke reaction. If I thought he was a smarter man, I’d appreciate his Andy Kaufman-esque character, but he is not. He is quite dim.

EconCat88 is a real-life masked villain. I think it is time for his fellow residents to learn of his true identity. My plan is to act like a wrestler during the 1980’s and remove his mask; I want to Scooby Doo him.

I am offering a cash bounty for any information leading to the true identity of YouTuber EconCat88. The sum of $1, yes one dollar, will be paid to the person(s) who divulges any knowledge leading to the unmasking of Toledo’s Biggest Bully.

Here are the clues as to who he is.
– He is caucasian
– He is in his mid-to-late 40s
– He drives a 2013 Black Jeep Liberty
– By his knowledge of the streets and history of establishments, one can assume he is from the North End.
– He traveled to Thailand in Early April and Florida in late March. In fact he travels a lot, including stops in China, Las Vegas and Arizona
– He is a fan of Newstalk Radio
– He may have a female friend who lives in Commodore Perry apartments, who has a cat named ‘Murphy’.

Since he wants to be Toledo’s biggest YouTube star, then it’s citizens have the right to know whom he really is. I want every resident to know whom and to where to send their thanks, praise and adulation.

It takes courage to openly criticize an elected official, an organization or a city. My name is one of the first things you read on any every one of my columns; my face sadly appears too. I am proud of my words and my views. My columns are designed to evoke thought in hopes of making a positive change. I am proud of being a Toledoan, I choose everyday to remain and fight for what this city is and could be.

There is no honor in hiding behind a camera video after video, while trying to embarrass the city where you live. There is no courage in anything you, Mr. EconCat88 are doing.

The saddest part is I don’t believe EconCat88 is intelligent enough to understand the damage he is inflicting on Toledo’s future. I am surprised he has figured out how to upload videos on YouTube.

Mr. EconCat88; if you wish to remain anonymous, I strongly suggest deleting your YouTube videos and page. Unlike the Toledo Blade, I will proudly post who you are and where you lay that hat.

If you have any information that will help expose the identity of EconCat88, please email me at

For those of you that are wondering “why my reward is only a buck…?” Because this guy isn’t fucking worth two.


Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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19 comments on “Baumhower: Unmasking Toledo’s Biggest Bully #ToledoIsBeautiful
  1. CV says:

    anxiously awaiting !


  2. You admonish EconCat88 for the damage he does to the city of Toledo’s image, yet make a snarky comment that presents the University of Toledo in a negative light when you say, ” I am surprised he has evaded the University of Toledo’s faculty recruiting department for this long.” While you aren’t hiding behind a screen name, you also are not contributing positively to the mission of #Toledoisbeautiful.


    • My remark was not aimed at UT at all… it was sarcasm based on his expertise in all things period. Sometimes my words don’t properly reflect the smirk on my face as i type them.. plus I hate emoticons. 🙂 Thank you for calling me out, I may edit and clarify.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. amy says:

    I guess my thing is why is he/she or they chicken to say who they are if you want change you have to do more then just post videos walk the walk and work to make change. I have never heard of telling someone they are ugly making them change but if you stand up for with them help them with what needs fixed change can happen.


  4. Tom Nichols says:

    Keep up the good work. Also how the hell did you get such a good looking lady?


  5. Photodan says:

    While I agree with you that what this guy is doing is completely counter-productive, I’m not so sure that publicly outing him is such a good idea.

    Other than exposing him to some of the more base instincts of humanity, I’m not sure what is to be gained. I doubt it will lead to him suddenly seeing the viewpoint of Toledo lovers and removing his negative videos.

    What I would like to see/hear/read is an interview with him. What has caused such hatred? Has he ever lived/visited in another city for comparison? Why doesn’t he want to be a part of the solution? Would he stand behind his opinions by voluntarily giving his name?

    I admit that I haven’t seen more that 30 seconds of his vitriol, but maybe we should pay attention to the valid shortcomings that he highlights and work to fix them. Then someone could post a video about how we work to make things better for ourselves in Toledo. Along those same lines, why couldn’t a group of us simply overwhelm his youtube presence with videos about why we love this place?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. nathan young says:

    I have a house in Toledo. I’ve been constantly attacked, harried, and harassed because I have a house on the south end. And by whom? Not by gangs or thugs, but by the department of neighborhoods, and the city counsel. I wanted a place to raise my family. They made it very clear they don’t want me here. By next year this time, I’ll have my degree in hand, and I will certainly be on my merry way.


  7. Amy B says:

    EconCat88 needs to get a life and get the hell outta Toledo. Love your article – especially the last line – and I hope the identify of this asshole is revealed. Keep up the great work!


  8. MWW says:


    Your passion for the city of Toledo is understandable. However, starting Kristallnacht on another Toledo citizen, who is clearly as disgusted with this city’s current problems and non-action from the local government as you are determined to wear rose-colored glasses and pretend that everything is honky dory, goes against all principles of journalistic integrity. It really doesn’t matter in what fashion EconCat88 decides to bring these problems to light. He has a right to do so, as much as you have a right to criticize his approach. What I don’t agree with, is you and people that follow your blog (not a news story, but an opinionated blog) pointing fingers and singling out a fellow citizen in order to in your words “unmask a villain” knowing very well that this could open him up to unnecessary harassment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, you, EconCat88. and the rest of the American citizens. However, especially being a journalist, you are not entitled to incite hatred and use Stalin-esque tactics against another law-abiding citizen. Instead, if that’s your cup of tea, shoot a counter video or maybe open a physical business in Toledo. That would, in my opinion, be a little more productive.


  9. QT says:

    No, Econcat88’s videos are not doing any real damage to Toledo. They’re completely insignificant.


  10. Jaime says:

    I was born and raised in Toledo and have moved a few times but always come back “home”. There are a lot of things wrong with Toledo and a lot that could be changed and if someone high up would like some of my opinions I would love to give them but, I will say that in the past year a lot has been done. Someone who lives here full time may not notice, but after being away for a year I come back to road construction by UT (finally), many buildings that were an eye sores have been demolished and many other nice changes.

    Talking about how bad our city is only furthers the problem. To truly make this city better we must stand together and if you don’t like the city then MOVE AWAY! No one is holding you here EconCat88. Toledo does not need anymore negative energy in it.


  11. tolbuck says:

    The only bully I see here is Jeremy. Threatening to expose EconCat88 unless he does what Jeremy wants is classic bullying behavior. In fact, it is the same type of bullying the Blade has done for generations.

    Congrats Jeremy. You are acting like JR Block. Hope you are happy.


  12. MWW says:

    I see. Comments critical of you don’t get approved. True unbiased journalism.


  13. Chris Clark says:

    Dear lord–you have no grasp of writing and grammar rules! Some hints are: Periods ALWAYS fall within the closing quotation mark and “its” is the possessive form of “it” (see first sentence).


    • Chris.. Thanks for pointing out my grammatical mistakes. I appreciate how you found a little thing like a misplaced period to show my lack of the English language. That tactic reminds me of someone. Your example is similar to showing up on a rainy cold forty-degree day with your video camera, to show the world how the Mud Hens lie about attendance.

      Thanks for your critique and proving my point.


  14. Ken Katafias says:

    Keep up the positive work Jeremy. Make us Toledoans proud. All know that the city has issues but is is a great place to live.


  15. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    I enjoyed the video, it reminds me of why I loved living in Toledo for the 3 years I was there. Family called me away and I returned to my home State of Michigan so I left. That being said I love Toledo and believe that support for such a wonderful place is always a good thing!


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