The Halkos Reactions to #BeThereForkaylee

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tim and Marla Halko both posted on Facebook their thoughts about what happened during the AWS School Board meeting yesterday. 

Family Photo Courtesy of Marla Halko's Facebook

Family Photo Courtesy of Marla Halko’s Facebook


Written By: Marla Halko

“I want to thank everyone who came to the school board meeting today. It was great to see the support for Kaylee and kids who are bullied. I really feel the board gave no clear answer about anything. They talked around the situation. I was disgusted that they feel the situation was handle correctly. I hope the board sees that the public does not agree. I hope the school will enforce the policies that they have. If they do not want to hold kids accountable for their action, just remember who elects the school board members.”

Written By: Tim Halko

It has been a long day and a tough couple of months. They always say you find out who your true friends are when you go through a difficult time. Marla and I are so happy to have such great friends that came to bat for us. We knew of a lot of them, but there are so many that we did not realize what great people and just what truly great friends they are of ours until this happened. We truly appreciate everything and will never forget everything you have done. Unfortunately there is the flip side and there are people who we thought were close friends of ours that have totally distanced themselves from us.

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18 comments on “The Halkos Reactions to #BeThereForkaylee
  1. CC says:

    I don’t understand why this story has not hit the national news. It’s about time Halko’s share this story. I once saw them on (I believe) Good Morning America perhaps it is time to re-visit GMA and tell the real story now.

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  2. RSam says:

    The story lacks credibility. If there was a police investigation and protection order in place, as the Halko’s claim, why did the police not pursue this and why did the court lift the order? This had to be presented to a Judge to even get an order. Why did he reverse the order? Perhaps, because the Police and the court heard all the facts. Same reason why the AW Board won’t take any further action and didn’t react to the ranting mob that only heard Tim Halko’s twisted version of the story to get revenge on a school system that has bent over backwards to accommodate Kaylee. Sounds like the other side of this story is being ignored to keep the “buzz” up and to get as many people that can’t think for themselves up in arms. This sounds too 1 sided and sensational. I would guess the other 99% of the people who send their kids to AW schools got sick of the parents exploiting their daughter’s personality and condition and decided to stay home yesterday. It’s sad that you are attacking my friends on the Board. They reviewed ALL the facts and acted professionally and ethically, ignored the hype and did their job.


    • Tim says:

      I have said all along that there are two sides to every story. I don’t think that anyone is trying to keep this one-sided. All we can comment on is what we know, I do not know the other side’s story. I would love to hear it. Why a child would create a page asking for the death of another child. From what I was told, he did it because he was mad at Kaylee. I don’t know if that is the only reason or not, we have never been told from the other side. Even at the school board meeting they made a comment about the fact that everyone had only heard one side of the story, but did not elaborate on what the other side was. If the school knows what it is, they have never shared it with us.

      The police did pursue it, and a report was taken. However, we were told by the police that even as bad as the pages were the boy was 9 years old and that unless it was something as serious as murder or something the most the law can do is take a report and turn the child over to their parents to handle and send the paperwork to the judge for a 30 day protection order.

      The protection order was never reversed. The 30 days ran out and we decided to not ask for a permanent order. There are a lot of negative things that go along with getting a permanent protection order. We were told by the judge that if the court agreed to grant it, the boy would be labeled on FBI lists and all sorts of other things for life.

      I am not sure about what you mean by people staying home, because we were shocked at how many people showed up. I had people tell us they were there, but could not get in the building. The support we had was way more than what we expected for a board meeting scheduled at 8:00 AM.

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    • We experienced the same things when we were dealing with the police in another area and the court system. They don’t want these kids to get into “the system” so they hope these kids mature. I think you are buying the AW schools characterization that the bullying was a singular incident of cyber-bullying or a mistake. It went on and on and on until the end of the year. The school district did not seek to end the bullying. They sought to get the Halkos to tolerate it. I was at the board meeting to support the Halkos. Parent after parent expressed similar concerns about this boy with their children. They said the school had downplayed their concerns. He never got a stop sign from the school district officials and certainly his parents are either oblivious or downplay it. So on to the next target — a little girl with a terminal condition.

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  3. Lily says:

    Okay honestly,you guys are wanting to EXPEL a forth grader for bullying her? He’s a forth grader and he is still growing and learning what is right and wrong. Yes it is wrong that he did that, but how was he supposed to know what he was doing was wrong when I’m pretty sure I heard that his dad was involved in the making of the page. If his dad isn’t saying its wrong, why would he think it is wrong? If it were someone in the high school it would have been much different and then I would see why expulsion would be an option but again, he’s in forth grade.


  4. RSam says:

    Lily…..”I’m pretty sure I heard that his dad was involved in the making of the page”…..Really??How dumb are you? If this was even remotely accurate, there could have and should have been an adult in big legal trouble and his name would have been all over the news. This is how this garbage spreads. Report half the story and idiots repeat and twist it. I now monitor this crap, because I have relatives that work at AW and I haven’t seen any intelligent commentary on this blog that is asking for the whole story here. The kid that put the page that Halko keeps mentioning was an 8th grader and he was suspended for it. Halko is enjoying his fame here and is harming innocent people with his BS. Kaylee is a victim too and this never should have happened, but this has gone too far. Stupid kids making stupid decisions. But, once the school, the police and the juvenile court system ruled that their was neither bullying or a physical threat to Kaylee, you act like an adult and go home. You don’t go after the Administration like a whiny child.


    • Ricky.. Boys will be boys right? How did you know the eighth grader put up the Instagram page? You seem to have the other side, please feel to share it.

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    • Tim says:

      Obviously you have no clue either. The kid is in Kaylee’s class, which last year was 4th grade. You get on Lily for posting that it was the dad and then you post that it was an 8th grader. I have all the paperwork. It is obvious that you too are reporting half the story. Read my response above. We were told that without physical actions the boy was nine and all the police could do is release him to his parents to take care of.

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  5. RSam says:

    Full disclosure here. I do some business with the Father’s company and talked to him about it back in March. Said there was a 7th or 8th grade boy that was spending the night at his house. Said the boy was friends with his older son. Basically the other kid showed his 9 year old how to put the site up and get the content..(pictures etc). This was confirmed by the police and the juvenile prosecutor. This 7th grade kid definitely was suspended by the school for his part and he readily admitted this to the Dean of students at the Jr. High. (This is the part of the story that AW can’t share do to privacy laws that protect juveniles) The 4th grader was friends with Kaylee and spent a lot of time hanging out and texting/chatting with her. Sounded like they were good friends. The older brother had nothing to do with this and is now being harassed about it. So you basically have Tim Halko implicating an innocent 8th grader and looking for blood out of the 4th grader, who was influenced by an older kid. Said the 4th grader had no idea the gravity of his actions…….because he was 9. (again stupid kids doing stupid things) Said he got his A$$ kicked and was grounded for a long time and lost a good friend. Seems like reasonable punishment for a 9 year old influenced by his brother’s 13 year old friend. I guess we could always turn the 9 year old over to the Halko family to jam some bamboo shoots under his fingernails or burn him at the stake?


  6. Tim says:

    This is the first I have ever heard of any of this. All the reports we have say it was done by the 4th grader. As far as me being out for blood or wanting to jam bamboo shoots under his fingernails are ridiculous. If you have ever read anything I have posted you would know better. When it first happened I could see a lot of kids were extremely angry that it happened. I right away posted on Kaylee’s page that I did not want to see any retaliation against the boys involved. I am not out for blood. All we asked at the school board meeting yesterday was for the school to admit Kaylee was bullied. They refuse to even admit that.

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  7. Tim says:

    Another thing that does not make sense is that you said that the 4th grade boy was friends with Kaylee and was upset that he lost a friend over this. However it sounds like from your statement that he reached out to an older kid for help on building this hate page. If he was such a good friend of Kaylee’s why would he reach out for help on building it. “Hey, I am thinking about building a hate page about one of my friends that I like wishing for their death but I am not sure how to build it can you help?” I am sorry, even a 4th grader knows what was said on those pages were disgusting and disturbing. If he was a friend he would have never had anything to do with those pages.

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  8. SMDH! Wow, people! Really? You think Mr. Halko wants fame? You think he’s exploiting his Daughter? Holy CRAP! Do you hear yourselves? You’re attacks on this family are beyond sickening! I cannot believe the things that are coming out of your mouths. Please, shut them! UNBELIEVABLE! I am appalled!

    Tim, I am so, so sorry that people are continuing to treat you so poorly! I am so, so sorry that people think any of the things they’ve said above! Please know they are very sick and twisted and there is no truth to the horrible things they are now accusing you of. You, Marla, Kaylee and your Boys deserve so much better. Please know that anyone with any sense of reality do not share the insanely skewed views stated above!

    Warm Regards,

    #WeLoveYouKaylee #BeThereForKaylee

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    • RSam says:

      Linda and Sara,

      As a fellow woman, your stupidity and basic lack of knowledge of the facts nauseates me. If we were having a conversation, this is where I would begin to speak very slowly, using small words to not confuse you.

      First, no one ever said the 4th grade kid didn’t take responsibility for his actions. There was a police investigation, a review by a Juvenile prosecutor, a review by the teachers, school counselor, principal and others and AW schools. Finally a judge threw out the protective order case when he learned all the facts. YES…threw it out because there was no merit. (“Merit”.. to deserve attention”)

      Second, there were 2 kids, from 2 different families involved. Again slowly….. 2 KIDS, 2 FAMILIES. My point was that even Mr. Halko, with numerous rants on this and other Social media sites, is continuing to “Bully” an innocent 13 year old kid. He keeps saying that the “brother” of the 4th grader was in on this. This is simply not factually accurate. This 13 year old was harassed and, actually, bullied by kids at the Jr. High. Thank god he was a popular, strong kid that had a lot of friends to squash this lie. Thank god the Administration at Anthony Wayne knew the WHOLE story and aggressively pursued the bullies that were spreading this lie. As I mentioned in other posts, had Tim Halko had the “balls” that so many men claim to have, he would have acted with character and returned the calls that were made to him by the 2 families involved here rather than hiding behind this, and other, irresponsible media.


      • RSam,

        HA! I wish I were within reasonable distance from you so that I could show you how big MY “Balls” are! What pleasure that would be.

        I won’t even entertain you with a response to your ugly demeanor.

        You are, however, very misinformed in regards to the protective order and the intervention of the legal system. It was THE HALKOS decision to not put Kaylee thru having to testify in court to get a permanent order. They chose to allow the order to EXPIRE, NOT get “Thrown Out”, in hopes of sparing Kaylee the experience of testifying. They were also lead to believe it really wasn’t needed since the boy stopped while the temp order was in place; but to their and my disgust, the lovely Boy screamed across the lunch room and throughout the school to her that the order was no longer in place. So, this Boy’s parents not only instructed the Boy to follow the order, but they also instructed him that the order was no longer in his way. THAT, Sir, is DISGUSTING! If you cannot see that, then I pity you!

        You’re a very small Man. Your life will also be very small. Your contribution to the world will be very small, if at all.

        I wish you the very best of luck at having a quality life with that small mind and very small manhood of yours.


        Afterthought, I wonder…could you possibly be the sorry excuse of a parent of this Boy???

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  9. OH OOPS! I’m sorry RSam…you’re a female. Sorry bout that, but it can just be turned into female terms…but I stand by the fact that regardless your sex, you’re a very small person. Carry on…

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