UPDATE: Kaylee’s Dad Responds to negativity towards Waterville #WeLoveYouKaylee #Progeria

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Tim Halko is Kaylee’s father.  Last night he posted the following message  on Facebook in response to the negativity aimed at the Waterville area.


Written by: Tim Halko

There has been a lot of negative posts about people who live out in the AW district. I just want to say again. The people in AW have been very good to Kaylee, and we appreciate all the support we have received from the community. It is not the community that we are upset with. We are upset with the Administration at AW schools and one family that lives in the AW district. With these pages created directed towards Kaylee and the aggression this kid has shown towards other students, there is no way we will feel safe with Kaylee in the same school as him. As long as the current administration is running things and this kid is in the system, Kaylee will not be going back. Things may be different if I donated a $6500 smartboard to the school.






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16 comments on “UPDATE: Kaylee’s Dad Responds to negativity towards Waterville #WeLoveYouKaylee #Progeria
  1. […] UPDATE: Kaylee’s father responds to the negativity aimed at Waterville and suggests there may be a pricetag that buys bullies out of trouble. […]


  2. Christine says:

    Whether true or not, publicizing this man’s name and picture (from an article written 3 years ago) is unnecessary. It’s bad enough you gave the bullies a platform in the media by re-posting the hateful comments directed at Kaylee, when most of us would never have seen them otherwise. Is this not just contributing to the problem? These issues need to be addressed and dealt with in the judicial system if necessary. This whole thing is out of hand and admittedly is a dispute between two families. Making all of NW Ohio aware of it, (and now calling this other family out and setting them up to be threatened and bullied in return) is just keeping the cyber-bullying cycle spinning. I am not condoning bullying in any way. My issue is with the media. This is just irresponsible reporting and should not be the way adults handle problems. It’s not the media’s place to accuse, especially if no charges have been filed. This is why we have a court system.


    • Brian says:

      Christine this is a blog not a news site. These people should be called out for this. They failed as parents if their child is a bully, especially to a student like Kaylee.

      AW wont do anything because they believe they are the ultimate school. Kids grow up there pretentious and spoiled and entitled.

      Im a graduate so I saw it my own eyes.

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  3. JCO says:

    Christine, the system is failing. Sometimes the media is the only recourse we have. I remember 12 years ago, i was taken advantage of a contractor who performed shoddy work on a fence I asked him to construct for the safety of my kids. Not only was the fence an eyesore, and non-functioning, the gates didn’t open and close, the wood was not treated, etc, it fell down within weeks. It was a safety hazard. I sued him in small claims court and won the case, and he was ordered to repay me. He never paid up and according to the court, there was nothing i could do about it. After a year, I finally contacted the news and had a check within an hour of them showing up on his doorstep. Sometimes when the system doesn’t work, public shaming is the only way to get your justice. Its called fighting fire with fire. This little girl is suffering daily, and her quality of life depends on the support of the community. The bullying she received is abhorrent and it being ignored is despicable. The only people being irresponsible here are the people who are allowing this bully to get away with what they did. The media, is prompting action, action that nobody else was will to take previously. The MEDIA is how stuff gets done.

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  4. Christine says:

    You call it fighting fire with fire. I call it two wrongs don’t make a right. Athough I respect your opinion, I think you may have missed my point. Your situation was different. The court system failed you, so you went another route. How do we know the court system has failed Kaylee’s family? How do we know it has even been brought to the court system? We don’t. So unless and until that happens, adults need to act like adults and respect the system this country put in place.

    This little girl HAS the support of the community. Those are her own father’s words. I never said the bullying should be ignored. Never. What I said was the media has no right to a.) re-post the exact hateful comments, word for word and b.) publicize the other family’s name, photo and workplace. All that does is create a platform for the bullies and open the door for the vicious cycle to continue. There is a difference between responsible journalism and irresponsible journalism. Clearly someone recognizes that now, as the man’s name and workplace have been blacked out, some two hours after I made my original comment. Unfortunately that was after the article was shared 19 times on facebook.


  5. matt says:

    It’s a failure at the parental. The only word to describe what has been allowed to happen to this girl is disgusting. The system is not perfect and it has obviously failed this child and her family. This is not a report to sensationalize. This is a report that is championing a girl and her family. It is trying to correct multiple levels of failure from not only misguided kids, but adults as well. Keep doing what you are doing Jeremy. Be the voice for people that may not have their own. Too many times situations like these get swept under the rug. Myself, along with many others, do not only stand by you and this girl, but we stand with you! Thank you!

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  6. Deb Hamilton says:

    I agree 100% with your comments, Christine! Very, very well said! The media is promoting bullying by the comments that have been posting. Sad that he can point his finger at others, but not recognize what he is doing to our schools and our community!


    • Shhhh… if everybody will just be quiet, the problems will all go away.

      Stop blaming the one who is sharing the story. Don’t blame the ink for the words.

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      • marie carlson says:

        Jeremy, my name is Marie and even if l don’t know kalyee l really love that little girl, l live in Akron, Ohio and l make aprons and table cloth mats and napkins for the table that her and her brothers can eat on even her mother and father, what l would like too do is make this for the whole family. I really don’t live that far from them and sure would like too deliver them. Please call me 863-899-6017. Or email me chretlaw@gmail.com if you need too check me out please feel free too do so. I will be waiting for your call.

        always Marie Carlson 6 Willard dr . Akron Ohio 44312 thanks very much….


  7. Concerned Parent says:

    Should not resort to this type of reactionary behavior. The basis of picture has nothing to do with origination of story. This is an example of jumping onboard and exacerbating a sensitive and painful situation. Not needed…


  8. It breaks my heart that this little girl is being bullied and the school and, apparently, the other child’s parents aren’t doing anything to stop it. If I was told my child was being hurtful to another child, I would take IMMEDIATE action to stop it!!

    I would like you to know, however, that I was able to find the article and photo you posted of the alleged bully’s father with great ease via Google and I now know his name and the name of his business. Fortunately, I am not the kind of person who will go to this man’s Facebook page and post a comment about this awful situation in which his child is involved (but that can be done very easily too as this man’s privacy settings are not set up very well.) I just want you, the author, to be aware of the firestorm that could be forthcoming, but hopefully will not.

    I do thank you for sharing Kaylee’s story and am so very happy to see so many people respond with love for this little girl. I do hope that Kaylee and her family will find a happy ending to all of this. I do not live in the AW school district, but I did just learn about another elementary school student whose parent pulled her from the school due to bullying and she is now home schooled. Parents should not have to do this. I pray this school district and it’s leaders can overcome this hate.

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  9. Christine says:

    Again Jeremy, I never said you had no right to write the article. I am a former journalist who believes in free speech. But you could have made your point without taking the exact hateful comments that a small number of people had seen, and making sure they were seen by thousands more. And if you wanted to post Mr. Halko’s words, you could have done so without posting the name and photo of the other family involved. You are not the judge or jury. If you want to champion bullying, your readers would be better served if you were part of the solution, rather than the problem.


  10. Lionel K says:

    I agree with Christine here. The problem is not the inaction by AW or the original terrible comments by the bullies.

    The real crime here is someone reposting the exact same comments on a blog to bring light to the situation. How dare Jeremy do such a thing?

    This is dumb. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Good work JB.


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