UPDATE: Kaylee’s Dad Releases School’s Written Response to Bullying Allegation #WeLoveYouKaylee

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tim Halko is Kaylee’s father. He posted the following via Facebook at 9PM tonight.


Written by: Tim Halko

We did speak to 13ABC tonight. Thank you for everyone that reached out to them. They said that they got a lot of calls regarding this. I am going to share two more things that will be shared on 13ABC. The first is the letter we got from AW schools saying that they do not consider it bullying because their policy states that it must be more than one time. Attached is that letter we received.


Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 9.21.03 PM

This is my appeal letter that I provided to Dr. Fritz in response to the letter we received. I listed multiple occurrences that happened and we and our attorney met with Dr. Fritz about two weeks after I sent this. When we met he agreed that we had more than one occurrence, but now was stating that the site was created off school property. Our attorney argued that there was no doubt it was created outside of school. However this kid brought it to school, told people at school about the page, and ultimately retaliated against a boy that stuck up for Kaylee. It was other childrens parents that came to the school and alerted the school that this kid created the site becasue their kids were coming home and telling them that he was talking about it at school. I also know that one of the boys cornered him at school prior to all of this and told him to take it down. We left that meeting and were told that the administration would look at everything we provided and all the facts we brought to the meeting. We knew though that they were not changing their mind for anything.10390364_10202383047522456_6839305818348655209_n10325503_10202383047442454_8319865952048261632_n


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One comment on “UPDATE: Kaylee’s Dad Releases School’s Written Response to Bullying Allegation #WeLoveYouKaylee
  1. Oh my Gosh!! Wonderful news! Thank you for everyone who has supported the Halko family and contacted the local news! I hope that it goes National! It is apparent that AW Admins have no interest in being a respectable school district, which is very sad. IMO the damage is done…nobody can take away or erase these horrific experiences from sweet Kaylee’s memory, the hurt in her heart, or the poison to her soul. However, much can be done to ensure and reaffirm that she is truly loved and that she is still the bright light that has touched all of us, worldwide. Other than exposing the waste of which encompasses these sick, twisted and cowardly people for who they are and making sure they don’t get away with it, there is little anyone can do to undo what has been done. However, I do hope that the Halkos heal from this and know that when it comes down to it, they are always in our hearts and we will do whatever we can to support and love Kaylee throughout her life. She will never stand alone. We will always be her own army. #WeLoveYouKaylee

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