Anthony Wayne Schools Superintendent Issues Statement in Regards to Kaylee #WeLoveYouKaylee

The following statement was emailed to iHeartGlassCity at 4:10 PM.


June 12, 2014
Dear AW Community:

The Anthony Wayne Local Schools has high expectations for student conduct and have been proactive in our efforts to quickly and responsively address behavior that violates our Student Code or our Board Policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, bullying or discrimination. These efforts include:

  • Educating students about behavioral expectations,
  • Reinforcing these expectations through positive supports at the classroom,

    building and district level,

  • Convening meetings with parents and staff,
  • Conducting investigations of alleged misconduct,
  • Issuing disciplinary consequences,
  • Providing counseling and other behavior support to students,
  • Offering peer mediation and other tools to help students resolve conflict,
  • Providing training to assist staff in responding to student concerns, and
  • Partnering with parents, community members and mental health professionals

    to maintain a positive school climate.

    We are confident that the District appropriately responded to the families who expressed concern in these matters. We convened numerous meetings with the families, both at the building and district level, conducted investigations consistent with our policies, and implemented multiple interventions to address concerns about the students involved. However, the Federal and State confidentiality laws, which serve to protect the privacy rights of these students, limit our ability to provide details about the students or any disciplinary measures or other actions that may have been taken by the District. These important laws also restrict our ability to discuss any disabilities or behavioral considerations that can affect what interventions might be appropriate. While we believe that the District has been proactive in its efforts and responsive to the families in this matter, we know that continued attention to bullying and other forms of student conflict is necessary. We therefore encourage any parent who has a concern about their child to contact a member of our administrative staff so we can directly address these concerns and work collaboratively to help support a positive school environment at Anthony Wayne.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Jim Fritz

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7 comments on “Anthony Wayne Schools Superintendent Issues Statement in Regards to Kaylee #WeLoveYouKaylee
  1. That’s crap. It’s a freaking template that hand to everyone. It’s a script they’ve all memorized. It’s political horseshit.
    I really, really wish Tim and Marla would press charges against this kid(s) and their parents. That’s the only way to ensure action will be taken. I hope they do.

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  2. Mark Griffith says:

    How impersonal can he be about such a personal matter…I call BS…

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  3. JBZ says:

    The state and federal laws are set to protect student identity while at school only, the threats and implications made via web by other students can be considered a hate crime, but at very least aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor which the school can not prevent charges being filed,in which case the school can be brought up with charges (child endangerment ) for not properly addressing the issue, regardless of its policies. If the family does not have money for those kind of legal fees I would suggest reaching out to the many organizations out there who are more than willing to assist. I would hope that the school system would get its collective heads from there collective butts before this inevitable event reaches it’s climax

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  4. Oh, Please. Your rights end where the other person’s nose begins. Confidentiality my butt. If you were unable to solve the problem, MR. FRITZ, the information should have been compiled and sent to the authorities to pursue. Your lack of effort to deal with this swiftly and justly is, frankly, ASTONISHING considering the academic standards you constantly strive to maintain. How can those standards be considered an accomplishment when it seems so many of your student body are MORALLY CORRUPT. This was a BLATANT campaign of HATRED against a girl that already has to battle so very much. I am sickened. Rest-assured, I am doing my UTMOST to see that this story is spread FAR AND WIDE. Nationally, if need be. Apparently, you must be SHAMED into acting appropriately.

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  5. Olivia says:

    that is the biggest letter of crap I have ever read. All it is, is “lawyer speak”–nothing more.

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