Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Today has been an overwhelming one for iHeartGlassCity. Over 20,000 people have read the post about Kayee Halko and the bullying abuse she has faced

There has been an idea kicked around to show support to Kaylee and her family via a hashtag.. something similar I started for Kayla Meeker with #StandUpForKayla.

If you were as affected as I upon reading her father’s post, if this little girl with Progeria has impacted your world with her courage, smile or charm… would you simply update your Facebook status or Tweet using only the following hashtag…


Please SHARE this post to help spread the word. How amazing would it be for her family to see their Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds flooded only with that hashtag? Let’s start to make this right and demonstrate how much the Halkos mean to Northwest Ohio and this community.Let this be our apology for what they have faced and let them know that we stand with them.

This family means a lot to me. This girl is something special.



Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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4 comments on “#WeLoveYouKaylee
  1. infuriated says:

    My heart goes out to Kaylee and her family. I would like to strongly suggest to contact the Ability Center in downtown Toledo. They have documented information that could help your case.


  2. Hank fox says:

    In this world oh so consumed with superficiality and what one perceives on the outside, and a constant pursuit to make ourselves fit into an image of what society considers ” hip “or “normal”, I believe that God sometimes will make someone who doesn’t quite fit into that mold on the outside, in order to draw our attention to them so we can truly see the amazing beauty and special soul that exists within , the real qualities and characteristics that one should be judged upon , I’m certain that is what you were put here to make us aware of Kaylee 🙂 God bless your sweet heart.


  3. Darlene from Chicago says:

    It breaks my heart that people (adults and children) can be so cruel to someone who certainly doesn’t deserve such hatred. Anyone who purposely hurts a child or animal has no conscience and must be missing something in their own life, such as direction and love. Kaylee should hold her head high, rise above the negativity, and know that the majority of us support her. There are more good people than bad… Thank God.


  4. I am incensed, furious, beside my self with anger. I respectfully suggest that every responsible voter in the Anthony Wayne School district turn down every levy proposed until the administration of that school is dealt with, and a sound anti-bullying policy is adopted district wide. Children are not all little animals but they need to be guided. If their parents won’t do it, and the school administration won’t do it, other responsible adults need to have their voices heard.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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