Petition: Keep Wood County Educational Service Center the provider for disability services for the children of Perrysburg

Editor’s Note: The below is a petition that addresses Special Needs Students in Wood County.  As a parent of a child with an IEP, please read and consider signing the petition below.

ImageWritten by: Sara Elizabeth

To: Tom Hosler

Wood County Education Services (WCESC) has been the provider for Perrysburg students that require Individualized Education Programs (IEP) as well as typically developing preschoolers for many years. WCESC has worked with the children of Perrysburg to ensure adequate educational services and learning opportunities. Our current IEP students are being taught by teachers with Masters Degrees (including our speech therapist and occupational therapists) with multiple years of experience along with a multidisciplinary approach with effective communication between the subspecialties (speech, fine motor, etc).

Perrysburg has decided to switch from our current provider to that of Lake Erie West (formerly Lucas County Education Services). These services are already stretched very thin and are subpar to the services that our children currently receive. WCESC currently has one full time psychologist, speech, occupational, and physical therapist along with one part time speech and occupational therapist to take care of our children. They also employ nine parateachers (classroom assistants) in addition to the 5 main preschool teachers. Lake Erie is not currently planning on hiring any specialists or parateachers, yet they will now have all of Perrysburg children in addition to those that they are already servicing. All of our typical developing children are being forced to incur an 84% increase in tuition to stay at Union with our special needs children.

Why the change? MONEY. We pay thousands of dollars for our children to be taken care of and yet we are changing to a system for our children with needs that will ultimately hurt the future of Perrysburg and our children. We pay Wood County and Perrysburg taxes, yet will be receiving Lucas County services, which are cheaper, yet our taxes still remain the same.

WECSC had 46 children that received special services this last year that are transitioning to kindergarten. Of those 43% of them were exited from needing any services next year and an additional 7% are transitioning with less special education services than they required previously. Lucas County Statistics are unavailable.

Perrysburg schools made these changes without any discussion at the board level, nor were any parents even informed of the possible changes. We went to the Perryburg Board website and read all minutes from January 2014 to May 2014 and no mention, nor vote of this change is noted in their documentation. When we spoke with Dwight Fertig, Executive Director of Pupil Services, he said that it was voted, he believes unanimously, in March or April. However, when he looked online to find the information in the above mentioned minutes, he was also unable to do so.

Do not have a child that has needed an IEP? This affects you too! If our children are not receiving the specialized educational services that they have in the past and are switched to Lucas County Services, our pass rates for OAA will decrease and our school district will receive lower scores, thus affecting our entire district and our property values will decrease.


Take a second and help us reclaim our rights for the children of Perrysburg.


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