Attention Toledo: Free Bikes for Worthy Kids… plus #BuyTheBulliedABike

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Attention Great Citizens of Northwest Ohio:

Lawyer and local good-deed doer, Chuck Boyk, is looking for worthy children to reward with a free bike. There is no catch, no gimmick… just worthy kids being rewarded with a new set of free wheels. It is truly that simple.  If you know a deserving child who is worthy of a free bike from Wersell’s Bike Shop… you simply write a couple of words explaining why they deserve it…

2014 bikes for kids logoFor the next 10 weeks, BikesForKidsToledo, will pick a winner based on your essays.  The lucky kid will be the fortunate owner a brand new bike, courtesy of Charles Boyk Law Offices, Jill Wersell and her amazing bike shop.

Bikes For the Bullied

Here comes the Part I love which will make an already beautiful idea, a little brighter.

In 2009, Kayla Meeker was one of the proud recipients of a brand new bike from BikesForKidsToledo.

Due to numerous factors including being cyberbullied, Kayla decided to end her time with us on May 8. She has forever robbed this world of her beautiful smile. In her honor and memory, FreeBikesToledo is giving away an additional bike. Bringing their total amount of free bikes to 11.


Here is where we try to make something really beautiful out of an incredibly dark painful moment.  If you know a child that had an awful school year due to bullies, who is in desperate need of a reminder that humanity is good, please share their story with us.


Since Chuck Boyk and his Law Offices has promised the purchase of 11 bikes, we couldn’t ask anything more from them. Jill Wersell has agreed to give give the same price to purchase a bike.

So we need your help.  I am looking for businesses and individuals who want to buy a bike for a bullied child. The cost per bike is $200.  You can sponsor a whole bike($200), half of a bike ($100) or a quarter ($50). As we receive our essays from bullied children, we will share their stories with you.

  • If you were heartbroken by Kayla Meeker and looking for something beautiful to do in her name, #BuyTheBulliedABike
  • If you survived being bullied and can relate to the pain and misery caused by it…. #BuyTheBulliedABike
  • If you were once a bully yourself, trying to fix your own Karma wanting to make amends…#BuyTheBulliedABike
  • If you just want to see a smile on the face of a child, who has not smiled in a long time… #BuyTheBulliedABike

If you are interested in sponsoring a bike for a bullied child, please email me



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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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