To Kacee on her 11th Birthday

Written by: Her dad

I knew the moment she was born I was in trouble. The nurses and doctors in that Cincinnati hospital gasped, when she came out; Her head so full of dark curly hair, the bluest of eyes and full thick lips. Her natural beauty caused a parade of Labor & Delivery personnel our entire stay. She was only hours old, it was obnoxious of how beautiful she was.

That was 11 years ago today. Kacee Mae was born on a Friday night and that’s the way she has lived her life ever since. She acts as if she is starring in a Beastie Boys music video, just there is no music or camera.

The only planned child of my four, is the only one with my darker features, we call ourselves “Brown Bears” versus her paler, toe-headed siblings, we have labeled the “polar bears”. She almost stands out by design.

Kacee is fearless and incredibly competitive. It started when she first learned to walk. Her older brother would race to the front door to where ever we would go. She just naturally starting racing him. Every time the car would park, it was a scene at a racetrack with two ponies rushing out of the gates. Kacee, three years his junior, started catching her older, way taller brother by the age of 6. I am pretty certain this crazy impromptu routine, created/opened her competitive nature. She plays at the highest level of soccer, without being the fastest nor the biggest, she can score when she wants because she simply won’t stop until she does. She hates to lose. The car rides home after a loss, are the worst. The Worst.

As much as Kacee was competitive on the field, it never translated into a school room, until this year. We knew she was smart, just under-performing academically. Someone she met during ‘this is me’ heard about this scenario and challenged her to get straight A’s. Mary Ellen Pisanelli, a nationally renowned attorney with two daughters who graduated from Ivy League schools, had a 5-minute conversation and something clicked. Kacee applied herself with the same vigor as on the soccer field and has received Straight A’s the first two quarters of this school year, something she had yet to do before.

In social situations, she has never met a stranger. She is not afraid to express herself via dance, song, acting or by just taking endless amounts of selfies. Her biggest growth this year is her compassion for other people. In a drama-filled fifth grade school year, she has played peace-keeper amongst her friends, belongs to numerous social cliques and is driven to help those who may need it. The last part makes me so proud.

I told her last night that I wanted her to be 11 years old forever. I know it’s impossible and incredibly selfish of me… but that is how much I love her at this very moment.

To Chucci on her 11th Birthday:

Happy Birthday

Note: Kacee has started reading my words, she loves to play/be my editor. Trust me, I give her enough to edit. She is starting to understand me a little better because of the words I share.  Where most things I write for the outside world, I penned the above for her.

KC, I will never tell you enough how much I love you, because it is impossible.  You overfill my heart with pride and complete joy.  I hope one day (decades from now) you are blessed with a mini-version of yourself. You will realize what gift you have been for me.  Thanks for being a good sister and a better person.  She who dreams of changing the world just might.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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