Baumhower: It Took 6 Hours and 235 People to find Lost Credit Card’s Owner

Written By: Jeremy Baumhower

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Yesterday afternoon around 4:25, I was getting some gas at my local Speedway (Sylvania Ave & McCord), when I happen to spot a credit card laying on the ground in front of the pump.  The card was a Chase Debit and featured the name of one “Renee K****”.  As I was making my way inside, I was dreaming of the various things I was buying with my new found source of fund, but alas I reached the counter and told the clerk of the scenario. “Second one found today” the clerk mumbled with little enthusiasm.  After I saw the lack of emotion and watched the attendant kindly throw the card in the bottom of her cash drawer, a new thought filled my brain.  

“I bet I can post the cardholder’s name on Facebook, where it was found and within 5 minutes get the news of her missing card to the right person”

I asked the teller the cardholder’s name again, told her I thought I could help reunite the two with a social media experiment and she reluctantly told me the name, “Renee K****”.

I know first hand how much of a pain-in-the-ass a lost credit card can be, figured she was a local resident and knew it would enjoyable Facebook content.

As the first hour went by and my errands continued, I was shocked to see that no one knew the missing woman. I saw that numerous people were sharing the status with their friends and family, joining the search, but nothing.  The only conclusion I summarized was she wasn’t local, or a million years-old and not on Facebook.

Shortly after 5:30, an hour later, messages started filling my inbox, my Facebook friends were on the investigative trail.  It appears that a “Renee K****” lived way north of Detroit and according to recent posts, “was currently stuck in grid-lock traffic”.   I was pretty confident, we had the right person.

It was confirmed around 10 PM, almost 6 hours later and after 235 people shared my status on Facebook, that we had reached the right person.  Crisis averted.  Ego stroked.   Good Deed Done.

My final thoughts as I closed my eyes for the night was ” I bet she is just going to cancel it. No way she comes back 70 miles to get a credit card.”  I think there is an accurate emoticon for this very moment  :/

Either way… I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who shared my status and help reunite (sort of) a lost credit card with it’s proper owner.


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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