Baumhower: Extreme Room & Heart Makeover: Birthday Edition (Numerous Pictures)

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

photo 5


Last week was the fourth anniversary of my divorce.  Three of my four children’s lives were drastically changed by that date, as they now split time evenly between my ex and myself.  They went from one to two homes and found out quickly what each of their parents’ strengths and weaknesses were.

My girls, whom share a bedroom, soon discovered that one of my numerous weaknesses was decorating, making a house feel like a home.  Thy were lucky they got a pink room, with brand new soft pink comforters from Pottery Barn.  

At first the girls never complained.  They were content with the things my house had, but as time moved forward and they got older, the requests for a bedroom makeover was becoming a running theme of conversation.

I am man who hates change, loves comfort and is comforted by the complete lack of change in my house.  This combination of crazy never bolds well for requests of bedroom makeovers.

This Friday is my daughter Kacee’s 11th birthday.  Her only wish was to have her bedroom redone.  She wanted nothing else;  not a gadget, no new clothes, no toys, no parties, nothing. She wanted fresh paint on four walls.

As some of my Facebook friends know, I started dating someone very special a couple of months ago;  a woman I’ve had a crush on since I was 16 years old.  Shannon and I rode the same bus to and from Whitmer High School.  I was always terrified of asking her out and hearing a “no”.  Being the coward I was, I was satisfied filling her head with mental grenades of my thoughts on how she was constantly seeing the wrong guy.   22 years later, the moons align, we reconnect and she sent a text saying just one word “yes”.  She had always known I was too afraid to ask.

It appears that the two plus decades were incredibly kind to Miss Shannon.  She is still breathtakingly gorgeous but has aquired certain skill sets that came into play for an 11 year old’s only birthday wish.  She loves to do complete home makeovers.

Here is what the bedroom looked like on Saturday morning at 7 AM

As you can see now, my girls’ room was in need of a slight update.  Let me be honest, I have seen jail cells that were more home-feeling than their room.

Kacee shared her birthday wish with Miss Shannon, smelling a sucker from a mile away. The two ferociously pinned numerous items on Pinterest, which each new pin creating another layer of hell.  The final collaborative concept was reached with a theme of mustaches, the color a teal/turquoise and a chevron pattern.  With a couple of clicks of the mouse, my weekend, in fact 5 days, were stolen from me.

After numerous trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabrics, and 5 days of planning, painting, sewing, building, crying (me) and everything else… a birthday wish was granted, a room changed in the blink of 120 hours.

For the very first time, not yet seen by my girls… here is the new mustache, chevron themed room.

Here is the Mustache Makeover by the numbers: 2 gallons of paint, 2 newly created duvets, 10 newly sewn pillows, 2 new handmade headboards, 2 pages of mustache stickers = 1 birthday wish granted.

I keep being reminded about life’s funny timing.  While Shannon was helping grant Kacee her birthday wish, someone, somewhere granted mine.


Thank You Karma


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One comment on “Baumhower: Extreme Room & Heart Makeover: Birthday Edition (Numerous Pictures)
  1. Bon Fels says:

    Great job Jeremy….so proud of all your accomplishments. Don & Bon Fels


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Columnist, Writer for Radio Shows across the US & Canada, Promoter, Believer, Father

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