Baumhower: To the Teacher Who Grabbed the Kindergartner

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


I refuse to share the video of the local teacher grabbing the kindergarten student. Somethings are better left unseen.

To the Teacher at Riverdale Schools whose face is being featured in newscasts around the world:

Although I was never in your class, I have had you before as a teacher.

I was undiagnosed ADD and teachers like yourself had no idea what to do with my energy. My leg never stopped shaking, I would become bored easily and talk in class. So the teachers and I would have similar moments like the boy and you in the video.

I had very ‘handsy’ Catholic teachers who loved to host hallway “chats”. I was never spanked, but my face was grabbed, the scruff of my shirt tugged… by multiple teachers and on numerous times. If I was lucky, I was punished by writing dictionary pages, during recess and lunch.

My early years at school and the moments I had with teachers like you, did not give me a desire to learn, but rather the opposite. As you can possibly imagine, the “chats” continued because I was not listening or learning from prior punishments.  In the fourth grade, I was kept home from the Toledo Zoo field trip, because of my behavior. That specific punishment created a disdain for everything school related thereafter. My behavior never got better, I just got older and less interested… but it started with very moments like this.

In the very moment you lost your cool and grabbed the boy, you directly changed the way he will view every teacher he will ever have. Although he is young, that minute in the hallway will be forever burned into his mental hard drive.

You may have just stolen or altered a child’s ability to learn.

I am so happy that school has changed and that my children have not had a teacher like you. You probably got into teaching for the best of reasons, but it appears you have stayed too long. You are suppose to touch a child’s mind and heart, not touch the child the way you did.

I had teachers like you. I remember every hallway “chat”.  The “chats” and the faces of those who shared them with me are the only thing I remembered for those years.

Please retire, you are now doing more harm then good.


Jeremy Baumhower
Former St. Clements Student

PS: My mom was young and did not want to her 8 year-old son on prescription drugs. She had no idea of the damage being caused because her generation was getting spanked with a paddle by grown men. Thank god the times have changed, you just haven’t.

PSS: To the good teachers… Thank You.  I love what you do.  You change the world one child at a a time.


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15 comments on “Baumhower: To the Teacher Who Grabbed the Kindergartner
  1. Jennifer Jones says:

    My son also had the same experience like you and at the same school, St. Clement. Countless hallway chats. I myself was spanked countless times at McGregor by the principal, as you said, Thank God times have changed! The teacher in the video definitly needs to retire. I’m sure she began teaching for the love of children but when you get to the point of putting your hands on a student you need to go! My son hated school after all of his hallway chats, school should be an enjoyable experience not a place you fear to go


  2. WELL SAID My good man!! My childhood experience to a tee!!!


  3. Benny Fish says:

    St. Clement student as well, and I cannot agree more with you. I have rarely shown any kind of passion for school after having those “talks” in the hall. I never realized it until you just put it in writing. Thank you for writing this!

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  4. Very nicely written, I am glad your mom decided against meds. I am sorry your teacher ruined the school experience for you. My son was abused by teachers verbally, he once had a love for school and after those two awful years he began to abhor school. He is a very intelligent young man and went on to score very high on his ASFAB. Teachers like this need to retire. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Mikey says:

    I am also a St. Clement graduate!! although I never experienced the “chats” myself, my brother was a hand at them!! A couple of teachers there will never forget my Dad, that is for sure!!!


  6. Caroline says:

    Jeremy, after reading your posts these past couple of days, I am so moved by your authenticity. Thank you so much for sharing all of your words. They are raw, beautiful, and so moving. Especially the ones about Kayla Marie. They are so perfect.

    This one really hit home with me, too. But in a different way. I recently graduated college and accepted a teaching position. Throughout my four years in and out of different classrooms at various schools in the town that I went to college… I saw so many teachers; good and bad. I really appreciate your P.S.S. as there are still some good ones out there 😉



  7. boncurtis says:

    Very well put Jeremy! This video, shown on national TV repeatedly became disturbingly to watch. I found myself quickly changing the channel. I felt sorry for that boy and I feel sorry for what you went though as a child with ADD. I went to Sacred Heart grade school and was blessed with positive experiences, even with most of the nuns! I’m thinking that this teacher will loose her job after her suspension. As for the young boy, I hope he is not permanently damaged by this unfortunate incident.


  8. Jermy says:

    i have add along with both my kids. mine was never diagnosed simply because we didn’t go to a doctor unless it was an er trip. i haven’t seen the video of how the teacher grabbed the child but im tired of people never putting blame on their children. stop treating them like little angels and hold them accountable for their behavior. my youngest has autism as well and although i keep that in mind when he does something wrong he is still subject to the same rules. as a result he is by far better off than families i see that constantly cater to their little angels needs. the real world is tough and some preparation is needed


    • boncurtis says:

      Jermy, I really think you might change your view on this matter once you see the video, it’s not just once this teacher touches this kindergartener, it’s 3-4 times…and although you are right that not all little ones are angels, it doesn’t give the teacher the right to physically assault this particular child.


  9. KJ says:

    Something the video doesn’t show is that this teacher drug him into the bathroom out of view for more than 2mins and screamed at him “…I’m sick of you…I’ll tear you apart!…” during their “chat” witnesses reported. Something to the degree this woman did to a small 6 year old child really seems to be criminal.

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  10. Matthias says:

    Thank you for describing the problem more in depth. The aspects that you mention are critical to understanding the situation. I however missed in your report and in the comments solutions to the problem. I have also taught and had my fair share of hallway chats with students disturbing the class. Although they were always given a warning and an explanation first, many of them were also shocked that there were consequences to their actions. I understand child psychology and the effectiveness of positive reinforcement and so on. But if “hallway chats” and other consequences for disturbing students only ruin their school experience, and the absence of consequences ruin the experience for all the other students, then please tell me what should be done.


    • If it gets to the point that the student has/is distrubing the class. Does removing both student & teacher from the class for physical and verbal abuse resolve the situation? No,the teacher is still out of the class so the class has continued to be disturbed. Send the child to the Principal, Guidance Counselor, call the parents, etc.

      Abuse is NEVER acceptable.
      Neither is assault.


  11. Jada says:

    Greatful for your letter you have spoken for every family whose child does not fit into the “normal”! THANK YOU!

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  12. Jessica says:

    Somehow you were able to overcome those “chats” and learn how to write incredibly well for the disdain you feel towards teachers and classrooms. I’d like to give you my entire sticker book and 500 brownie points. I’m glad you’re mom didn’t put you on drugs because of your ADD and I’m sorry that doctors, scientists, and especially those terrible nuns who had nothing else to concentrate on, had not figured out the extent of such disabilities at the time that you were in school. It’s too bad that your young mother didn’t pursue farther research for your condition, perhaps like this 6 year old you weren’t receiving enough at home either. Perhaps the argument could be made against the Catholic religion and the strict treatment of everything, paying, judgment, discipline…or since we’re on the subject of religion maybe we’ll just do onto others, something that the nuns apparently didn’t tan into your hide. The woman that is going through hell now that she has made the biggest mistake of her life does not need your letter and moreover she does not need your judgment. Again where the nuns have failed, God can handle it. Thanks though.


    • boncurtis says:

      Jessica, this video showing the child/ teacher incident has been shown on TV over and over and it’s been in newspapers. I’m sure the thousands of people that have seen it by now have all judged this teacher, including me. Jeremy is doing what he does best, a writer. It is his job and his right to express his opinions as it is for all of us. Whether that teacher needs anyone else s judgement or not, she’s got it coming. This is how society acts.


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