Rokicki: Fat Kid.

Written by: Nick Rokicki

I don’t like talking about this, I really don’t. Who does?

There’s a whole bunch of you that feel my pain.

I was a fat kid growing up. No denying it. My Dad cooked dinners in my family. There were a lot of carbs. Bread. Pasta. And then there was the kielbasa and pierogies. Did I mention Polish Coffee Cake?

Back in 2002, a couple years out of high school, I dropped over 100 pounds on the Atkins diet. Sure, I coupled this with some exercise. But it was primarily diet.

A few years after that, I started working for an airline. Traveling for work is fun. But the food being served in airports and hotel restaurants… isn’t. So I started gaining.

For nine years, my job took me away from home 4-5 nights every week. When I was home, I ate with friends and family. At work, healthy options were inconvenient and too expensive. And then there was the alcohol! When you have a 30-hour layover in Iron Mountain, Michigan… drinks!

Last year, I changed my life in a drastic way. Traveling became exhausting. Being away from home was taking its toll. And the money just wasn’t there. So I quit working the friendly skies. And started working at Jeep.

At first, the weight was just dripping off— literally. I would come home from work drenched in sweat. Then came the plateaus when the weather cooled and holidays rolled around. But in January, a funny thing happened. I joined a gym. And started eating six small meals each day. The results have been coming fast and furious.

Everyone asks about numbers when it comes to weight loss. This is what I know: I weighed 260 pounds in July, 2013. At a February appointment with my doctor, the scale tipped at 225. I don’t own a scale at home and I never will. That number just isn’t important to me.

Nick April Photo

Recently, I rummaged through the clearance racks at Kohl’s and tried on a pair of size 38 waist pants. They fit. My previous pants, being held up with a belt at its final rung, were a 44.

I’ve still got some work to do. I’m going to sound like a total girl here, but I don’t care. There’s these swim trunks that I try on every few weeks. And while it’s finally fitting, there’s some muffin-top-ish-ness going on. So I’m playing around with protein shakes, hot yoga, crossfit, Planet Fitness. Kinda throwing everything against the fat and seeing what sticks.

If you’re up for it, I’ll tell you some funny stories about my progress as we approach the summer swimsuit season. In the meantime, what do you think of that “Before and Part-Way-Through” photo? I didn’t realize a face could get that round.



Nick Rokicki is author of Children's Books including Pete the Popcorn, Casey and Callie Cupcake and Gilbert the Grasshopper. Upcoming projects include The Nutty Hootenanny. To learn more, visit

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2 comments on “Rokicki: Fat Kid.
  1. nickrokicki says:

    Reblogged this on ABOUT THE AUTHORS… and commented:

    Hey, readers! I’ve been focusing on fitness… read my story here.


  2. Annette Rochelle Aben says:

    I am totally supporting you sharing everything with us and bringing it real. May God Bless you and keep you going strong! Good on YOU!


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