Irons: For the Love of a Music Man

I’ve always been a fan of the arts – music, ceramics, photography, even some dance – I have a ceramics studio, I’ve performed in choirs and dance choirs, I’m usually the one with a camera and I’ve always had an egotistical view that the music I liked was the best music. So, when I met and fell in love with a very talented musician I had glorious visions of a lifetime filled with singing songs together till the wee hours of the night and campfire circles of acoustic live music. I never fathomed that being a musician was just like any other 9-5 job. Have you heard the expression “a plumber’s pipes are always clogged”? It’s because they don’t want to come home and do what they get paid to do all day. I found out a musician’s house is NOT always filled with music – well, not live music anyways. I also found out that the music that I had been on my high-horse loving and bragging about was just a drop in the mediocre bucket compared to the wide variety of flawless, exquisite, eccentric, melodic creations that my talented musician and his friends knew and knew of. How quickly I learned about new artists, songs, and had new things to take pictures of and even dance to. How quickly I got over all that wasn’t there and was completely caught up in what WAS there –a lot of good music, art, food, and people that I had never experienced before. It was very easy to not be bitter about my dreams of music everywhere all the time. After all, it wasn’t his fault that I had some romanticized, preconceived idea of his rock star life.

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Here I am six years later and I am still very proud of my taste in music – and now it’s an even broader and more developed palate. Between being mom to my preschool daughter and my almost twenty year old son, working two jobs and saving some of myself for my honey – I am completely content with the amount of music – John’s music – in my life. I am more than fine with his music being our daughter, Aria’s and my oasis in the desert of chaos that is our life! I love when my girl and I have occasion to bop out to a venue where daddy is playing and sit and listen and eat and talk with our friends (there are ALWAYS people we’ve known for years sitting around). We have a great little evening, then we say bye-bye to daddy and still have plenty of time to head home and get settled in with our favorite show or a good book for some mother-daughter  quietness before it’s time to go to bed.

There are times when we, as a family, host a bunch of musical friends and have recording sessions called living room sessions that John has been having since long before he knew me – and on those days- on those glorious days – my life is JUST like my grandiose early hopeful visions. We sit around and sing and play and eat and enjoy – and one of the greatest parts is – we can listen to the sessions over and over because we each get our own disc of the songs from that session.  I love, love, love it!

When I want to scratch one of my other artistic itches I simply play videographer while the guys play and come home and edit and post the videos on YouTube. Or I snap pictures of them performing then I post them on their Facebook page or website – both of which I manage for them. I really enjoy contributing to their music in my own way. All in all, I love my musical, artistic life!


First of all I'm a Mom, then I'm everything else. I'm born and raised in Ohio and love it here. I have my own cleaning business, I deliver mail, and I get to attend all the greatest local music events because my honey is a musician :-) I enjoy singing (in our church choir and along with my favorite songs), photography and ceramics - to name a few interests. I have a ceramics studio where I love to go and take time to take my time - I love that it forces me to take my time in this rush, rush world. Speaking of rush, rush - I gotta get ready for work.

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