Becoming Mrs. Carter

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Rob and Lindsay (Webb) Carter. Courtesy of Facebook.

My phone rang yesterday at an unusual time, from a close friend. It was one of those calls you receive at the dinner table, where you can tell by the tone of the caller’s voice you need to excuse yourself.
It was Lindsay Webb.

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‘Socked’ is now available on iBooks and kobo

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

The long-awaited tell-all has finally arrived.  Socked: The Unbelievable Tale of How a Bully Used Fake News to Punch a School District is now available on iTunes and kobo.  Socked shares the scandalous events that led to the ousting of a beloved school superintendent, Patrick Hickey.

Early Reviews are in: “Holy. F–king. Sh!t. Just read Socked in its entirety. I’m glad you chose to avoid the bridge. Karma. Karma. … You should charge at least 12.99.” — Elizabeth G.

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You Will D.O.R.A. Better in Toledo

James Filipiak (right) and The Bridges 6/24/17 at The Blarney Irish Pub

Written By: Jeremy Baumhower

“What are you drinking?” shouted the familiar-faced barkeep.

Adam Bevier was standing behind the wooden partition, white rag in hand, trying to hear my alcohol order over the loud sounds of Toledo’s best band (IMO),  The Bridges.

The Blarney was packed this past Saturday night. Read more ›

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Brady Hall’s Mission To Save his 6th Grade Teacher’s Job

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 6.06.16 AM.png

Written by: Brady Hall

Editor’s Note: Brady Hall is entering the 7th grade at Washington Junior High.  He has started a Facebook Page ‘Save the Washington Local Teachers.  He was invited to write an op-ed piece for iHeartGlassCity.

Lesley Snyder was my sixth grade teacher. That was until late in my sixth grade year when she was forced to resign because of a mistake she made. She was one of the best teachers I have ever had — she was very inspiring, loving and caring. Her smile was uplifting and 1:00 – 3:00 was the best 2 hours of the day when we could learn and have fun at the same time.  She made learning easier and more fun with games and music. We were always doing projects for Social studies that were big and fun. She loved to sing and dance around the classroom. Read more ›

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Friendly Reminder: Please, Don’t Be a Sideline Asshole

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

With the summer sports season upon us, I wanted to share a little reminder for parents — don’t be an asshole while sitting on the sideline.

Like many parents raising children in the suburbs, sports is often the focal point of my day.  My kids play travel basketball, travel softball, travel soccer and travel baseball.   Yes, their games and practices consistently overlap and it takes a former logistics coordinator to map it all out.  No, we are not crazy.  No, my children are not better athletes than yours.  My kids simply love playing these sports, and love to compete. Read more ›

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Showing Restraint — The Time Terri Kern tried to get a Protection Order Against Me #Socked

Editor’s Note: The following is a preview chapter from Jeremy Baumhower’s Socked.  This highly anticipated book chronicles the behind-the-scenes drama of Washington Local Schools, the fall of Superintendent Patrick Hickey, and the social media circus that caused it. 

Chapter 12: Showing Restraint

The corridor of the Lucas County Courthouse was the first time I had ever seen Terri Kern in person.  The atmosphere was thick — not of tension, but awkwardness.  She and I both knew the truth behind the last 9 months.  Her last-second Hail Mary was in the air and the ball was coming down.  The clock had struck zero.

Kern’s attempt to silence me via the judicial system was running out of time.  Six weeks earlier, Kern filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order against me.  This surprising act of desperation happened hours after I posted “The moment you can prove who’s behind Hickey Leaks.”
We had never met.  We had never been in the same room.

My life had been turned into a soap opera and this hearing was the season finale.

Ex Parte

If you are wondering how a person could get a “Civil Stalking Protection Order Ex Parte” against someone they’ve never met, so was I.

An ex parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to be present.  Ex parte matters are usually temporary, pending a formal hearing.  The court would rather err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to requests from people fearing for their lives.

Here’s the actual page of Kern’s request, where she describes the reasons why it was needed.

Source: Lucas County Order of Protection Case No. G-4801-CI-0201602142 (Page 7)

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Video: Patricia Carmean’s C.P.O. Petition Hearing against Patrick Hickey

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Last week, Washington Local Schools board member, Patricia Carmean, was fearing for her life and petitioned Lucas County  for a Civil Stalking Protection Order against the former superintendent Patrick Hickey.

Here are the videos from Carmean’s entire hearing — where she documents the history between Patrick Hickey and herself.    Read more ›

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The Curious Timing and Motives of Patricia Carmean

Patricia Carmean (left) hanging with former blogger Terri Kern (right) Photo courtesy of Facebook

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Washington Local School (WLS)  board of education member Patricia (Patti) Carmean took a field trip yesterday to downtown Toledo.  Instead of visiting the Imagination Station, or the Huntington Center to buy Toledo Walleye playoff tickets, Carmean had a different itinerary.

Patti Carmean tried to have Patrick Hickey arrested.  The alleged crime: unwanted messages on Facebook.   Read more ›

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