Fifty Hugs for Saving Humanity

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

I don’t know if it’s the water we drink that former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner famously wanted to sell or maybe it’s the air we breathe; but there is something about Toledo that changes it’s residents’ hearts.

In a world with current headlines about violence, plane crashes and Kardashians; a simple act of kindness by one of Toledo’s finest is the perfect distraction and medicine any Cardiologist would prescribe.

Tyler Wiley is a pretty normal 22 year-old aspiring artist. His life revolves around his work, his family and of course, Facebook. What makes him unique is Tyler has Down Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. Like most people his age his life is pretty dependent on his cell phone. Sandy Wiley, Tyler’s mom stated in a message to the Toledo Police Department “(Tyler’s) livelihood is his social media with his cell phone….he doesn’t have friends like you and I to go hang out”.

Then a bad thing happened to Tyler, his cell phone came up missing; it’s believed that someone stole his cell phone while he at work, making art.

In a moment of frustration; Tyler’s mom shared the news of the lost phone on Facebook. She was venting as any parent would, not knowing if her son misplaced his favorite gadget or a possibly worse scenario. What she did know for sure was the cost of the replacement phone, $150.

What happened next would only happen in Toledo. Read more ›

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13 ABC has been sold in $128 Million deal to Gray Television

Photo courtesy of 13ABC

Photo courtesy of 13ABC

From TVNewsCheck

Gray Television is buying ABC affiliates WTVG Toledo, Ohio and WJRT Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich. from SJL Holdings for approximately $128 million in cash, the publicly traded station group announced this morning.

According to Gray, the stations lead their local markets in all-day ratings and in most, if not all, local newscasts. Read more ›

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Kaylee Halko is headed to work to beat #Progeria

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Eastwood’s newest student Kaylee Halko, who  turned 11 year-old on Monday, is headed to work to help beat Progeria.

This Monday night, July 28th, from 7 to 10 PM, 5th grader Kaylee Halko will be working behind the counter taking orders at Freeze Daddy in Monclova, Ohio.  Marla Halko, Kaylee’s mom, shared the event with Facebook adding “Kaylee is very excited. She loves working behind the counter.” Read more ›

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5 Year-Old Boy with terminal cancer, loves mail. #HappyBirthdayDanny

Meet Danny Nickerson.


From TwentyTwoWords

Danny Nickerson is 5 years old, but not for long. He’s very excited to become a big 6-year-old this Friday. As happy as this birthday will be, however, it will be hard, too.

Danny has a virtually unbeatable cancer. Doctors have told his family that less than 10 percent of kids diagnosed with his type live longer than 18 months.

So the upcoming celebration will be an emotional day filled with far more highs and lows than a typical 6-year-old’s birthday. And what is he hoping to get for this extraordinary birthday?

Cards. Read more ›

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A Girl and her Dog: When Harvey met Ellie

Written by: Kayla Sykes

When I was 4 months pregnant I dropped my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and started crying. What started as a hormone induced tear fest over dropped food quickly turned into soak city. The main attraction was the mascara smeared water slide, and sausage toed rafts. I was hungry, fat, tired, and filled with hormones I couldn’t control. So I did what any pregnant woman on the verge of opening up her own water park would do, and I laid on the couch and turned on The Ellen Show.

In a moment of generous gift giving from Ellen, I noticed something laying on my baby bump. That something was Harvey. And this became the unforeseen moment of undeniable love. The love of a dog and a child.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.58.50 AM  Read more ›

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Baumhower: Unmasking Toledo’s Biggest Bully #ToledoIsBeautiful

Proudly Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 8.49.26 AM

The City of Toledo is at a turning point; it’s future is completely in the air. We are battling numerous factors including a steady decline in our economy, a fleeing population, an image problem and an overbearing print media, to name a few.

What Toledo doesn’t need… is to be bullied; especially by one of our own residents.

I launched the #ToledoIsBeautiful Challenge as a way to counter The Blade’s investigative series on blight. My concern was and currently is that anyone who googles “Toledo” will have a hard time finding anything positive about the city, especially if they were to search on YouTube. The Blade has been documenting a local person’s YouTube Channel who’s numerous videos all expose Toledo’s ugly.

Here was a video submitted for #ToledoIsBeautiful

I refused to name the YouTuber because I didn’t want to further promote his videos, but that all is about to change. Read more ›

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#ToledoIsBeautiful Update: First Video is Submitted!

Here is the first officially submitted #ToledoisBeautiful video.

It’s called a “A Day in Toledo”

Thanks to our friends at the Law Offices of Charles Boyk!

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Hoeflinger: Why You should Care about the Social Host law

Written by: Dr. Brian Hoeflinger


I often wonder how to get someone to care about a topic that has no real meaning to them. Why should anyone care about something that doesn’t directly pertain to their life? I think the answer must lie in the personal and emotional connection to the topic. Then how do I make the personal connection for you, the reader, so it becomes real and meaningful to you. Let me try by telling you a tragic story of a bright young man who lost his life over a bad decision. And as you read, try to imagine this as if it were your own child. His name is Brian Nicholas Hoeflinger and he is my son now frozen in time at the age of 18. Read more ›

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