I am not usually the type to ask for help on my own project but I feel that this current project is one that will help showcase great local talent. Cullen Park Productions in association with Shattered Images Films will soon be producing a film called Down Along The Road: The Life and Times of Fulton Williams. With this film we hope to tell in a documentary style a story of a musician who was bound for greatness but disappeared before reaching that goal and the impact that had on those he left behind. We will showcase many local talented musicians and actors in the project and help bring light to the great talent that the Toledo area has.

The film will feature local musician Ryan Roth along with many other great local musicians making up the cast of the film. Toledo has one of the greatest musical scenes in the country and I feel that it is time to give them another outlet to be known both locally and globally in the form of a great feature film.

Be sure to check out the link below and donate as little or as much as you can to help fund this great local film project.


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Rokicki: Music, Not Just for Adults.

Written by: Nick Rokicki
You’ve never experienced true terror until you’ve stood in front of a group of children, with the expectation that you’ll entertain them. Believe me, your heart races. If there’s such a thing as an honest audience, children would be it. After having read my books for children to over 100,000 kids in 25 states, I should know. Which is why I hold local band The Wanna Bees in such high regard.

I first ran into The Wanna Bees in 2012 at The Toledo Zoo’s wintertime festival for families. I had met up with family friends from South Lyon, Michigan. The Porters, like so many throughout the region, are big fans of our zoo. In between hot chocolates and quick stops inside to stay warm, we saw a sign advertising a concert for kids. As the music started, and I saw kids getting up in aisles to dance, and parents actually clapping along, I knew these guys were the real deal.


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A Night of the Living Dead to be shown at Ohio Theatre


Looking for something spooky to do this Halloween week? Want to help support a local landmark??

On Thursday October 30th 2014 Shattered Images Films and Cullen Park Productions will be showing the first movie of their partnership at The Ohio Theatre and Events Center. The film  written and directed by local filmmaker, Chad Zuver starts at 7:00pm, doors open at 6:30pm. Come check out a new take on the mother of all zombie movies. All money taken at the door will benefit The Ohio Theatre. Help preserve this great historical building that has been at the heart of Lagrange Street and the Polish Village since 1921.  Read more ›

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Video: Kid Rock shows up to Dan McGurk’s 30th Birthday #BawitaBirthday

This is F–King Awesome!  Here is the moment when Dan’s special guest, Mr. Kid Rock,  surprised him for his birthday.  Then Kid Rock hung out with Dan and his family for two hours.

God Bless Kid Rock

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The Girl Who Dreamed of Being a Pickle for Halloween

Written by: Kayla Sykes

I think it’s funny how the innocent mind of a child works. Their dreams, wishes, and experiments are character building at its finest. With every dream they have another story to tell, a picture to draw, or a character to play. Their wishes stem from moments in their life, tiny moments that we tend to look past, but they for some reason hold onto.  Sometimes their wishes are ridiculous, and as parents we sometimes have the role of giving them a tiny dose of reality.

I’ve never told anyone this, but I once wished one of my aunts lived up my nose. I remember looking at a shooting star wishing out loud that she would live up my nose. When my mom questioned me, I responded how any 4 year old wishing someone lived up their nose would. I just wanted to pick her out to play with her whenever I wanted. The living quarters of my nose were a perfectly reasonable request, or so I thought. My mom told me that people cannot live up noses, and with her reassuring comfort of inviting Aunt Shannon over, my tiny little heart was crushed.

Watching a child’s dream come true is a difficult process when you’re not entirely in favor of their dream, much like my mother for me. Sometimes their dreams are silly, and that’s why we call them dreams. Taking a dog to school, swimming in the holy water at church, climbing on Papa’s shoulders to reach a star, holding a goldfish, and using a butcher knife to cut her own apple are some of the dreams my daughter has had. And there was also the dream of being a pickle.

A pickle? You cannot be a pickle, Elliette. 
And then Halloween came around.

I want to be a pickle for Halloween!
You can read my original story here:

During a trip to Joanne Fabrics we found my Grandmother pushing around a shopping cart filled with dreams. It was filled with green fabric and intention of making a pickle for her only Great Grand Child. A simple project, that wasn’t that big of a deal. Her simple request was only to be a pickle. She wasn’t wishing a home to be built inside of a nose, like other green dreams immediately related to her. And with the confirmation of a loving Grandma, Elliette stood proud and confident when she told anyone that came in contact with her, that this Halloween… she would be a pickle.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.36.56 AM

Elliette telling a stranger she would be a pickle for Halloween

My mom invited me to a Halloween party. I was planning on attending in normal attire, with a pickle on the side. Read more ›

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Boy Bands, Bullies and Bella: @AfterRomeo’s Music and Message

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Maumee Native Devin Fox warming up with Sidney Bowen.

Maumee Native Devin Fox warming up with Sidney Bowen.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ” – Walt Disney.

For Maumee native Devin Fox, no truer words have been spoken.

Walking into a Middle School brings back many memories, and emotions. I can remember the nerves and angst of trying to figure out who I was, while trying to blend in. For most children– the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years are the toughest.

My 11 year-old girl is a sixth grader at McCord Junior High. Earlier in the week, she came home and announced After Romeo, a “famous boy band” was coming to her school to perform. She had no idea who they were, what they sang, nor did she really care. After Romeo was coming to McCord Junior High. Read more ›

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Rokicki: #DearSergio Continued

Written by: Nick Rokicki

I’ve gotta apologize to Jeremy and the readers of iheartglasscity. Here I am, a contributor to this site that works at Jeep and I haven’t weighed in on the whole Jeep Wrangler thing. My excuse? I’ve been working. A lot. Like 60-68 hours a week. At Jeep. But, I wanted to contribute to #DearSergio… so here goes nothing.

Dear Sergio,

There is a world where people don’t just let things happen. They make them happen. They don’t check their dreams at the door. They get involved. They take risks. They leave a mark. It is a world where every new day and every new challenge brings the opportunity to craft a better future.

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Cancel the “Drama” Class #StopBullying #StartLoving #StandUp

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Kayla Meeker: 1998-2014

Yesterday, the Anthony Wayne School District released a statement about an incident that occurred that involved an unspecified threat against students, staff etc.

I have learned that a High School student allegedly emailed vague threats to a “Hit List” of fellow classmates at Anthony Wayne High School.   The word “Purge” allegedly was used by this child.  I will not give names, age, grade nor sex of the person who allegedly created this threat.   Read more ›

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