Rokicki: All I Want for Christmas…

Written by: Nick Rokicki

Pardon a personal post.

For the past nearly two years, my Mother and I have had a very rocky relationship. There have been a mashup of reasons behind it: relationship choices, sibling difficulties, money, lack of communication, disagreement on twists taken in life. We’ve gone months at a time without speaking. And it has hurt both of us.

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Hello… Santa?

Written by: Jeremy Baumhowersanta-phone-call

During my childhood– my Mom’s favorite “form-of-control” was the ol’ left hand forward-motion to grab the hanging, fully corded telephone.  This was a time when having a 50 foot curly telephone cord was our version of being “cordless”.

Sue Baumhower, my mom,  would use this maneuver anytime after September. This was a direct threat that she was going to pick up the phone, call Santa Claus and report me for being an asshole.  She would also implore this very tactic in the non-winter months, but it was with the Police instead. Read more ›

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Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


There is another little girl from our area that warrants your attention.

The irony of how I know this family and what she is battling… weirdly ties my 2014 together.  It’s mind blowing.

Cassie Paige was a normal 12 year-old girl and sixth grader at Rossford Junior High.  This past Thanksgiving, while we were spending time with our loved ones, getting ready to go shopping and or watching football– Cassie’s body unexpectedly started to shut down, creating a tremendous amount of pain and all seemingly out of nowhere.

She went from normal to dying in just a few short hours. Read more ›

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Rokicki: Parents vs. Teachers!

Written by: Nick Rokicki

Well, I managed to do it again.

Yep, I stepped in a big pile ‘o poo.

Yesterday started out much like any other day, in this wild and wacky world I live in. I rolled home from my job at Jeep at around 4:00 AM. I was in bed by 5:00 AM. And then I was awake at 8:30 AM— to go play a children’s book author on TV, with Rebecca Regnier at 13ABC. Don’t cry for me, Toledo. I’ve gotten used to the 3-4 hours of sleep each night/day. It just comes with building cars and chasing dreams.

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Fighting Dancer

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


Meet Valory Newton. She is a 9 year-old beautiful girl from Walbridge, a fourth grader at Lake Elementary, and a dancer from The Dance Factory.  Valory is the daughter of Dyana, and Tom, has two older sisters and a younger brother.

Val’s been dancing for 5 years, over half of her life.  Cancer is trying it’s best to make sure she doesn’t step, ball change ever again.     Read more ›

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Birthdays, Christmases and Tears

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

My mom and I take a selfie on my Wedding Day

My mom and I take a selfie on my Wedding Day

My entire life I ‘ve been blessed with amazing birthdays and Christmases– These were the two days a year when Sue Baumhower, my mom, would show her true self.

Life is not easy for a 19 year-old single mom from a proud Point Place family.  My Grandparents as you would expect, were not thrilled about becoming grandparents.  So my mom quit nursing school, moved out and began the journey of her and I.  These type of moments tend to put a hard exterior on a person– one that’s needed to survive, protecting both your heart and pride. Read more ›

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Picking Ourselves Up Off the Ice After Getting Punched in the Mouth

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Photo Courtesy of Battle of the Badges' Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy of Battle of the Badges’ Facebook Page

2014 has been a year to remember.  It began with the worst Winter in our history and the loss of two of our bravest. The past 11 months has been tough and we have been punched more than one time in the mouth.

One of the biggest days of the year for our Toledo Police Department and Toledo Fire & Rescue Department is coming.   Read more ›

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