UPDATED: FOUND: 14 Year-Old Lenaya Mead i#Eastpointe #Toledo #MonroeMichigan

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

UPDATE (5/15/15 8:30 AM EST): Eastpointe Police contacted Lenaya’s mom.  Lenaya has been located and in their custody.  Thank you for helping this child get home.

A 14 year-old girl, Lenaya Mead, is missing.  Lenaya was last seen yesterday, May 14th @ 6 AM, in Eastpointe Michigan.  Lenaya’s mom, Miranda Mead, said her daughter never made it on the bus to school yesterday morning.  This family is from Toledo, Ohio, and recently moved to East Pointe.  They also have ties to Monroe, Michigan. Read more ›

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Chris Witwer is a Warrior: His story, his words #WitwersWarriors

Editor’s Note: Chris Witwer is fighting for his life….against a rare disease. There is a benefit being thrown for him on Sunday, May 17th.  I invited Chris to share his story with you.


Written by: Chris Witwer

My story begins in Sept 2001 a few days before 911. I was playing golf with some friends and I started coughing up blood while on the course. Being 22, and invincible I didn’t think much of it.
That night I went home and noticed that my urine was a dark reddish brown color. Still being 22 and invincible and feeling fine I didn’t think much of it. I ignored both symptoms. Read more ›

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Please Wear #Pink4Lola and for the Palmers

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

The Palmers: Scott, Julie, Bryson, Braydon & Lola

The Palmers: Scott, Katie, Bryson, Braydon & Lola

I’ve recently heard about a local family and their heartbreaking bad luck.

From Melissa Bergman​:  “My coworker Katie Palmer and her husband Scott have two beautiful boys.  When their oldest was just 10 months old he was diagnosed with cancer.  Eventually the cancer was placed in remission, but the treatment that was used to save his life– damaged his lungs.   Read more ›

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Help a Firefighter– Eat at Bob Evans Today #LiveYourDreamFoundation

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower


An amazing thing is happening at various Bob Evans locations today.  In honor of Jamie Dickman and National Firefighter Day, Bob Evans locations are donating 15% of your bill, to the Live Your Dream FoundationRead more ›

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Baumhower: Stupid is, as Stupid Posts #BaltimoreRiots

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Ebony Monique Dickens was arrested for her Facebook stupidity.

Ebony Monique Dickens was arrested for her Facebook stupidity.

I am amazed by the amount of anger, currently on Facebook.

Instead of looking at some real issues regarding a man who suffered a broken neck, nearly severed spine, while in police custody, poverty, lack of education– we look at the easiest, which is race. Read more ›

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#FightingDancer Update: Send Love and Support to Valory Newton

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Valory Newton hours after surgery. (Photo Courtesy of Dyana Newton's Facebook)

Valory Newton hours after surgery. (Photo Courtesy of Dyana Newton’s Facebook)

Yesterday, 9 year-old Valory Newton, underwent life-changing surgery.  She is doing well, the procedure went “text book”.  She now has a “nubby” after the amputation of her lower left leg.

Valory requested Mac and Cheese and to see her new ‘nubby’.  Her spirits are high, as always.

Now for the part where we can do something special.

Did you know that Nationwide Children’s Hospital, allows you to create a card, online — where they print it off and deliver it to the room… for FREE? Read more ›

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West Toledo Vietnam Veteran needs your help.

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Photo Courtesy of 13 ABC.

A Toledo man, and his family, need your help.

Last month, Larry Wnorowski, who is a wheelchair-bound and paralyzed Vietnam Veteran, was viciously attacked by dogs during a trip to the store. The incident happened 10 feet from his front door, after his neighbor’s dogs got loose. Larry received bites on his stomach, arm, leg and fingers.. leaving his only functional hand in jeopardy. Read more ›

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The 2015 Shorties: The Videos

Written by: Jeremy Baumhower

Scene from An Elevated Emergency.  Picture taken at the 2015 Shorties, inside Sylvania's Historic Train Barn

Scene from An Elevated Emergency. Picture taken at the 2015 Shorties, inside Sylvania’s Historic Train Barn

On Sunday, April 19th, The Sylvania Community Arts Commission held the 2015 Shorties.  The Shorties are a Film Competition for children, between K through 8th Grade.  This unique celebration was the third and final day of the Tree City Film Festival.

I am proud to be on the TCFF committee and the Chairperson for The Shorties.  2015 was the third year for the Tree City Film Festival and was the biggest.   It was held in the Sylvania’s Historic Village, inside the Train Barn.

It is NW Ohio’s Premiere Film Festival.

I wanted to share with you the submissions from our future filmmakers.  From Elmore, Whiteford, Waterville, Toledo, Sylvania and others– the love of making movies crosses all zipcodes in Northwest Ohio.

As a parent of four athletic children;, we have baseball, soccer, basketball, travel teams and tournaments. There are even travel dance teams now… but nothing for the creative ones. No competitions, nor celebrations for those who dare to dream..

It those creative people, that are changing the world.   The Shorties isn’t just about making movies, it’s about supporting those that dare to see the world differently.   Giving our children a moment of encouragement to dream.   Read more ›

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